Nuclear, the most potent form of energy ever discovered, has enormous potential that has been held back for decades by false hysteria over safety; empirically, there is no less dangerous form of practical energy.

Power Surge: Japan Keeps the Lights On with Fossil Fuel Imports, Canada Wants to Build More Pipelines for Oil Sands Resources, American Lung Association Propaganda

Click here to Play or Save this Episode On this episode Alex and Steffen talk about the additional fossil fuel imports Japan relies on after shutting down most of its nuclear capacity after the Fukushima tsunami, Canada’s preliminary approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline, which will bring oil from the Alberta oil sands to the […]

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Access to Real Energy

I nearly experienced an oil disaster a few days ago—no, not an oil spill—rather, a disaster caused by my lack of oil. It was an experience that made me realize how much we take the widespread availability of oil, and other forms of fossil fuel energy, for granted. I was in backcountry Arkansas, part way […]

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The Natural Disaster in Japan Highlights Green Energy’s Failure to Live Up to Claims

A popular myth propagated in today’s culture is that so called “green energies” or “renewables” are viable alternatives to fossil fuels. There is little evidence to support this claim; however, adherents to this creed continue to push for restrictions and bans on today’s leading energy sources and demand ever-greater subsidies for “renewables.” The energy system […]

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Power Hour: Amy Oliver Cooke on FERC Nominee Ron Binz

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein talks with Amy Oliver Cooke, Director of the Independence Institute’s Energy Policy Center, about Obama’s nominee to head the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Ron Binz. If you’re not familiar with the FERC or Ron Binz, this is a must-listen. For more on Amy’s work, go to Download […]

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The Tesla Debate

Yesterday, Forbes published my new piece “With the Tesla Model S, Elon Musk Has Created a Nice Nice Fossil Fuel Car.” Several members of the Tesla forum disagreed emphatically, with a range of arguments ranging from technical (I allegedly neglected the issue of “energy efficiency”) to emotional (I am “another hater”). Overall, I thought that the […]

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Power Hour: Kirk Sorensen on Thorium

On this episode of Power Hour, Alex Epstein talks with Kirk Sorensen, Chief Technologist at Energy From Thorium, on the subject of nuclear power from Thorium. Kirk is a leading advocate of Thorium, an incredibly potent source of energy. You can learn more about his work at Download Episode 60 – Kirk Sorensen on […]

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Power Hour: CIP vs. Sierra Club at Stanford University

On this episode of Power Hour, Alex Epstein goes to Stanford University to debate Bruce Nilles, Senior Campaign Director for the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign. The subject of the debate is: “Should the government restrict fossil fuels?” Download Episode 48 – CIP vs. Sierra Club at Stanford University Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

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Power Hour: Energy Panel at Duke University

On this episode of Power Hour, Alex Epstein and CIP’s nuclear expert, Thomas Eiden, visit Duke University to participate on an energy panel. Alex and Thomas discuss oil, nuclear, and the future of energy. Download Episode 47 – Energy Panel at Duke University Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes

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Power Hour: The Light Brigade

This episode of Power Hour features an in-depth look at The Light Brigade–CIP’s “counter-education” at the Sierra Club’s highly touted “forward on climate” rally.     Download Episode 42 – The Light Brigade Subscribe to Power Hour on iTunes See also: The Blackout Rally Meets the Light Brigade Why “Forward on Climate” is Pro-Blackout The […]

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