Power Surge: Lightning Edition

On this lightning edition episode Alex and Steffen cover the following news stories:

  • Lockheed’s Skunk Works is working on a compact fusion reactor, promising a prototype in 5 years.
  • A new study on fracking impacts reveals that drilling into the ground creates seismic activity but in the case of fracking this activity cannot be felt by humans.
  • 350.org is pitting “climate warriors” in stone age canoes against coal ships to sabotage modern energy.
  • Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann has a new presentation about the performance and state of climate science.
  • California is close to finalizing SB4 with additional rules for in state fracking operations.
  • Swedish energy giant Vattenfall, which runs major operations in Germany, seeks $6 billion in compensations for the post Fukushima shut down of nuclear power.
  • Many environmentalists have embraced more natural gas and horizontal drilling as a viable alternative, but only for as long as it has not been cheap and abundant, which caused them to change their minds and take the exact opposite stance.
  • The IEA says will Africa to experience a renewable boom.
  • The President continues to deride political opponents via his official media outlets using the smear term “climate change deniers.”
  • Whole Foods is implementing a new food labeling system which focuses on environmental buzz words.

As a bonus, Alex and Steffen have a conversation about Shell building an allegedly “renewable” energy solution for a soccer pitch in the Brazilian favela Morro da Mineira, which uses tiles beneath the playing field’s surface that can absorb the kinetic energy of the players.

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