Nuclear, the most potent form of energy ever discovered, has enormous potential that has been held back for decades by false hysteria over safety; empirically, there is no less dangerous form of practical energy.

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One of the major projects of CIP is our Advocacy Training Program (ATP), where we recruit and work with talented, aspiring writers, especially industry professionals, to tell important stories about industrial progress–and about how government is holding it back. Resources we provide include extensive one-on-one editorial feedback, monthly Q&A sessions on content and communications, access […]

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Q&A: Fighting Green Indoctrination, The Story of Energy

This past Saturday, I answered questions about industrial progress for a community group in Orange County. I thought two questions in particular would be of interest to readers: How do you fight Green indoctrination, especially when directed at children? What is “The Story of Energy”?  

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Power Hour Classic: Nuclear Safety with Dr. Jay Lehr

Dear Power Hour listeners, This month we are featuring a classic (repeat) episode of Power Hour since I lost my voice and am unable to do an hour-long interview. However, the episode, which covers nuclear safety with Dr. Jay Lehr, is definitely worth a re-listen or two. We’ll be back next month with a brand […]

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Jay Lehr on Nuclear Power (Power Hour Episode 4)

Nuclear Power Jay Lehr [audio:]

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