New CIP Blogger, New CIP Blog Post at MasterResource

One of the major projects of CIP is our Advocacy Training Program (ATP), where we recruit and work with talented, aspiring writers, especially industry professionals, to tell important stories about industrial progress–and about how government is holding it back. Resources we provide include extensive one-on-one editorial feedback, monthly Q&A sessions on content and communications, access to leading experts, and (soon) a proprietary, self-guided CIP curriculum. We also provide media placement, so that a writer’s message will get to the maximum number of people possible.

A key component of ATP is that it is results-oriented–we train advocates primarily by working with them to produce great content from the get-go.

For the latest example of how this program is going, check out new CIP blogger Deborah Sloan’s fascinating blog post at MasterResource, “Rocket Science is the Easy Part: How Government Has Grounded Space Propulsion.”

Deborah is a great asset to the CIP blogging team, as she combines an impressive depth and breadth of engineering knowledge with the ability to break down technology and science–even rocket science!–in straightforward, simple language.

Want to see more new writing talent join Deborah Sloan, Eric Dennis, Steffen Henne, David Biederman, and half a dozen others CIP is working with in our ATP?

Consider supporting the next generation of talent with a donation. Gold donors and above get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to our monthly Q&As and curriculum. But, most importantly, every level of donation goes directly toward proven training methods and proven results.

For more information on ATP, including on how to join as a writer, email