Winning the energy debate in 2020

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  • Winning the energy debate in 2020
  • Best of Power Hour: Steve Milloy on the science and policy of emissions

Winning the energy debate in 2020

Should the US—and the world—rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use?

This question, which I wish was inconceivable, will be one of the central questions of this year’s US elections.

Worse, there are many more confident voices on the side of rapidly eliminating fossil fuel use than there are defending the freedom to use fossil fuels.

Having worked for the last year on “version 2.0” of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels (coming out later this year) I am more confident than ever that if we care about global human flourishing the world needs to continue and expand fossil fuel use.

In this decisive election year I will be championing this message, publicly, to reach as many new people as I can.

Here’s a quick summary of what I’m up to and some ways you might want to get involved.

  • More mass media and social media appearances: A couple weeks ago I participated in a popular YouTube program that typically gets millions of views an episode; it should be out in the next couple weeks. Next week I’ll be taping an episode of the popular Candace Owens Show, which typically gets 500,000 viewers or more. If you would like to see me on your favorite show or podcast, feel free to recommend me to them or connect me with them.
  • More college campus appearances: College students have been immersed in hundreds of hours of the moral case against fossil fuels. I love going to universities to deliver a speech or participate in a debate because I’ve seen time and time again that many students are open to a new perspective. This year I’m already slated to do more college speaking than I’ve done in many years. If you’d like to get involved organizing or sponsoring an event at your alma mater, let me know.
  • Helping candidates with messaging: In my experience there are many candidates who want to take the right position on energy and environmental issues but don’t have effective messages and facts at their disposal. I’ve developed some pro-energy messaging for candidates. If you know of anyone running for office feel free to refer them to me and I’ll try to help them out.

Best of Power Hour: Steve Milloy on the science and policy of emissions

On this week’s Power Hour “best of” episode, I talk to Steve Milloy, publisher of, about emissions, the EPA, and how junk science corrupts much of our government’s environmental policy.