Why Should Your Gaming Business Use Solar Panels

The green, eco-friendly path more and more businesses are walking on during recent is no doubt extremely beneficial for our planet. In this regard, our Energy Division has been built in order to cater to the complex need of business owners and managers altogether wishing to make the leap also. We have more than three decades of experience when it comes to successfully providing our customers with the best installations across the UK, and we can handle any solar panel project, no matter how complex. We are involved in working alongside private and public actors in all fields. In case your lottery, bingo, or casino venues are in urgent need of an extreme environmental makeover, get in touch with us and we will deliver the highest quality solar photovoltaic panels in the industry.

Not Sure What To Choose?

Pick a solar panel style that best suits your needs; we have everything from high efficiency panels that will effectively maximise the amount of energy generated to panels that will trigger the best ROI figures. If you are familiar with the Ladbrokes giant and their land and online venues keeping millions of punters and gamblers entertained worldwide, ad you are aiming to obtain similar numbers and prestige, start by showing people why they should choose you instead of your competitors. The fact that in 2013 the Las Vegas Strip has received an F in a report investigating ozone damage and air pollution caused by the huge electricity consumption there and the rest of specific polluting amenities is making some people frown upon the thought of spending a weekend in a hotel there for gambling reasons.


But opting for a casino that is eco-friendly, which uses solar panels and recyclable elements and which expresses its permanent concern for the need to protect the environment will definitely change things – and minds. The Avonline solar panels will not only help you bring your green contribution to the world, but at the same time they will help you save money and attract a wider clientele. There are plenty of people who like to promote the Ladbrokes online casino affiliate programme thanks to the three types of rewarding commissions and the excellent array of verticals to choose from. And the same marketers who are doing so well advertising the Ladbrokes Las Vegas site might also be interested in visiting your green gambling location proudly displaying our solar panels on the rooftops.