Why I’m spending March in Houston

From March 1-31st I will be in Houston–the energy capital of the world.

While I have visited Houston many times, I’ve decided to make an extended visit in order to immerse myself in the oil and gas industry’s current challenges–particularly its communication challenges.

I’ve been working a lot on developing techniques and materials to overcome these challenges and Im looking forward to some interesting strategic conversations.

Im particularly looking forward to the CERAWeek conference in early March, run by Daniel Yergin and Jamey Rosenfield, which is the most important energy conference in the world.

If anyone would like to meet during or after CERAWeek, let me know.

Certek CEO champions fossil fuels…

…and challenges climate catastrophism

Last year when speaking in Alaska, I met a very bright individual named Ethan Atwood, an employee at Certek Heat Machine, who had used The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and my human flourishing-based communications framework to successfully persuade many peers. He introduced me to his CEO, Dick Barendregt, who was an unusually intransigent defender of fossil fuels.

Recently, Dick published this piece on LinkedInI hope others follow his example. The industry can be a thought leader or a thought follower. If more CEOs speak up (and train their employees) it will become more of a thought leader.

“Yesterday I received a call from my cousin telling me that his daughter, who is in the eighth grade, needed to talk to me because she had a debate coming up and felt like their weakest positions were on global warming because the opposing team had a debater whose parent is a leftist Professor.

I immediately thought of some of the videos with infographics that you have posted as good tools for someone to get informed without too much technical argument involved. I then posted a link to your interview with Stefan Molyneux for my cousin to watch and get more info he could discuss with his daughter.

They called me today and she smashed the opposing debater and specifically by having sources for her claims where the opposing team did not.

– Anonymous comment via Facebook