What are your favorite energy stories? (Win an I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirt)

In this issue:

  • What are your favorite energy stories? (Win an I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirt)
  • A reader success story
  • Best of Power Hour: Kirk Sorensen on Thorium
  • The Human Flourishing Project: The most important New Year’s resolution

What are your favorite energy stories? (Win an I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirt)

Energy policy makes an enormous difference in the length and quality of people’s lives around the world.

The lower cost energy is, the lower cost everything is. The higher cost energy is, the higher cost everything is.

I love collecting stories of how good energy policy helps people’s lives (e.g., a story about newly available energy in a developing country) and how bad energy policy hurts it (e.g., a story about how “green” energy is leading to increasing electricity disconnects).

Have you read any great articles telling a memorable story about energy?

If so, I hope you’ll share them with me.

I’ll give an I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirt to those who submit my 10 favorite stories.

A reader success story

I recently received the following email from Rod Guice, a Senior Petroleum Engineer in Bakersfield, California, who saw me speak in 2017. I’ve lightly edited the email for brevity. 

I recently volunteered to take over a Community Outreach Program that my employer sponsors. Up to now, the Outreach Program has mostly been an educational effort for local schools and organizations on what oil is, where it comes from, how we drill for and produce it, the risks and rewards, and etc.

But with the help of your book, I’ve converted the Program Presentation into an educational and aggressive defense of the fossil fuel Industry, and what it’s done for society. I’ve made the new presentation six times now and it improves every time. In my last round of presentations, a number of the high school students congratulated me on the “surprising impact of the presentation,” and I won at least one convert—the high school teacher told me that “Her Little Environmentalist” approached her after the presentation and stated that he had totally changed his thinking about oil & gas!

Therefore, I wish to thank you for writing the book! Your thinking is some of the most innovative I’ve ever experienced! I’ve truly been asleep at the wheel, and perhaps had even bought into some of the Climate Change Rhetoric. But I’m awake now! So, I hope to get my employer’s approval to take the Presentation to WSPA, CIPA, the API, the SPE, the IADC, any organization that will listen, including if possible, DOGGR, the CBD, the EDF, the Sierra Club, and maybe even the State Government. One of our State Senators has even offered to help get me in front of the Governor. None of this will be easy, but I’ve got to try because the fate of our society is at stake!

Anyway, thanks again for the brilliant book, for all of your effort, and for the CIP website, which is highly useful. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Congratulations to Rod. I’m thankful that more and more people are making use of the ideas in my book and finding them effective. And I hope his story inspires others to look for ways they can have a positive impact on the debate.

Best of Power Hour: Kirk Sorensen on Thorium

On this week’s Power Hour “best of” episode, I talk to the Kirk Sorensen, founder of Flibe Energy, on the subject of nuclear power from Thorium. Kirk is a leading advocate of Thorium, an incredibly potent source of energy. You can learn more about his work at www.energyfromthorium.com.

The Human Flourishing Project: The most important New Year’s resolution

On the latest episode of The Human Flourishing Project, I discuss three exercises to make the most out of your time in 2020.