What Are Reviews Saying About The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels?

via The Heartland InstituteThe Moral Case for Fossil Fuels has been available for two weeks, and the buzz is loud.

Whether conservative, libertarian, Objectivist, or an energy industry professional, advocates of free markets who read it agree this is a “pathbreaking new book” that serves as an essential tool for defending not just the fossil fuel industry, but industrial civilization and capitalism itself from their opponents. Here are just some of the examples of what reviews have said about Alex Epstein’s game-changing new book:

Epstein effectively argues to dispel myths about the use of fossil fuels, including that they are dirty, unsustainable, and hurting the developing world.

The Oil & Gas Journal, 10/13
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What Epstein presents is a powerful, systematic, and relentlessly logical philosophical case for the moral value of the fossil-fuel industry, and the fundamentally immoral basis of the movement that is seeking to demonize and destroy it. In short, the book is unique, and utterly terrific.

National Review, 11/12
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For Epstein’s comprehensive moral case for fossil fuels and, more broadly, for industrial civilization, read his book… And by all means share the book with your active-minded friends. Your future prosperity—indeed your very life—depends on the freedom of industrialists to produce energy and to transform nature for human benefit.

The Objective Standard, 11/13
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We’re moved by the stories Epstein tells in Moral Case about people to whom energy means a lot… Our hats go off to Epstein for taking on the challenge of writing such a bold book, and we’re excited to see it take off.

American Energy Alliance, 11/18
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Alex Epstein makes one of the most compelling arguments for the moral value of fossil fuels and the need to increase their use I have ever read… Chapter by chapter, through clear and concise analysis, Epstein demonstrates why fossil fuels are the greatest energy technology of all time.

The Heartland Institute, 11/18
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If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy it, reading the first chapter will. You can download Chapter One: The Secret History of Fossil Fuels for free at moralcaseforfossilfuels.com if you haven’t already. Please do, because much may depend on it. As the American Enterprise Institute quoted from Moral Case…

Ultimately, the moral case for fossil fuels is not about fossil fuels; it’s the moral case for using cheap, plentiful, reliable energy to amplify our abilities to make the world a better place – a better place for human beings. The unpopular but moral case of our time is fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are easy to misunderstand and demonize, but they are absolutely good to use. And they absolutely need to be championed.

This is how we champion them.

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