Victory over Twitter climate distortion!

In this issue:

  • Victory over Twitter climate distortion!
  • Why both the IPCC report and its distortion by media are bad
  • The Governor of Alaska stands up for Alaska’s right to develop
  • Accelerator Call

Victory over Twitter climate distortion!

On Monday, as the new UN climate report was making headlines and being wildly distorted by media, I noticed that Twitter’s official “Here’s what you need to know” summary said:
“UN scientists found that temperatures on Earth will rise by about 1.5C in around two decades.”

I replied with “No, the report predicts that in two decades there will be a *total rise of 1.5C since the 1800s*”

My fact-check of Twitter quickly got hundreds of thousands of views and caused Twitter to change their article!

Here’s the full story.

Why both the IPCC report and its distortion by media are bad

In my last newsletter (Monday) I shared my initial take on the new UN IPCC report, focusing on the media’s distortion of it.

On Tuesday I wrote a broader criticism of the entity that produced the report, the UN IPCC.

Here’s how it begins:

The IPCC is not primarily a scientific organization, it is primarily a religious and political organization that manipulates science–including the work of many good scientists–to achieve the anti-human goal of eliminating human impact on nature.
Numerous commentators, including me, have pointed out that the media, politicians, and UN spokespeople have wildly distorted the content of the latest climate Assessment Report by the UN IPCC. That’s important. But the reports and the IPCC itself are also very bad.

The Governor of Alaska stands up for Alaska’s right to develop

Back in February I saw a panel on ESG held by my friends at Life:Powered featuring Alaskan Governor Mike Dunleavy.

I was very impressed by the governor’s moral confidence in the face of political and corporate opposition to Alaskan development–including the blanket opposition to any development in “The Arctic.”

On this week’s Power Hour I got the opportunity to interview Governor Dunleavy about the case for development in Alaska, how anti-development forces are harming Alaska, and how we can help Alaska fight back.

After the interview with Governor Dunleavy I also feature a brief interview with Representative Dan Crenshaw that I did last week.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Accelerator Call

This Sunday at 3 pm PT I’ll be hosting another “Accelerator call” to discuss strategy, share new insights, and answer questions.

On this one I’ll be sharing the final outline for Fossil Future and discussing my 3 favorite new persuasion strategies.

If you’re already an Accelerator, you’ll get an invitation.

If you’re not and want to come on the call, become an Accelerator at any level.

Note: For those who can’t attend I’ll make a recording of the call available for 2 weeks.

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