Tucker appearance, Fossil Future, and Bjorn Lomborg

In this issue:

  • Watch my appearance on Tucker Carlson
  • The popular COP 26 video LinkedIn doesn’t want people to see
  • The case for preordering Fossil Future
  • Bjorn Lomborg on the bad climate thinking of COP 26
  • Quick notes

Watch my appearance on Tucker Carlson

On Tuesday night I made my first-ever appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, which has some 4 million viewers.

The segment was very short, but I’m happy that I was able to get across some important points—and that he made repeated references to Fossil Future!

Watch the segment here.

The popular COP 26 video LinkedIn doesn’t want people to see

Last week I shared a video of my interview/debate about COP 26 on GB News that many of my supporters were calling my best TV appearance ever.

Since then, that video has gotten almost 150,000 total views, including over 100,000 on Twitter.

The video was extremely popular on LinkedIn, rapidly getting 10,000 views until LinkedIn took it down without explanation.

Here’s the story so far.

Help me fight back against this suppression by sharing this video far and wide so it gets a million views. Here’s the Twitter version and YouTube version.

The case for preordering Fossil Future

News: The release date of Fossil Future will be 4/19/22–during Earth Week.

The cause of the move is the massive bottlenecks in publishing right now.

Given these bottlenecks, please preorder your copy/copies ASAP so Penguin does a huge printing.

As further incentive to preorder, if you preorder Fossil Future before 12/31 you will get a complimentary 6-month Premium subscription to my Energy Talking Points Substack. This will soon include transcripts of every interview I do. $50 value.

Just email the receipt from your preorder to assistant@alexepstein.com, subject Preorder.

PS I’ve got lots of great blurbs for Fossil Future so far, including Michael Shellenberger, Dennis Prager, Patrick Moore, Representative Chip Roy, Representative August Pfluger, TRC Chairman Wayne Christian, former EPA head Scott Pruitt, Matt Ridley, Mark Mills, Saifedean Ammous, and Yaron Brook.

Bjorn Lomborg on the bad climate thinking of COP 26

On this week’s Power Hour I was joined by Bjorn Lomborg, author of False Alarm, to discuss COP 26. Here’s the full description.

As COP 26 wrapped up, Bjorn Lomborg joined Alex Epstein to discuss the many examples of bad thinking that have shaped the conference, including:

  • The false portrayal of today’s world as bad and getting worse.
  • The failure to consider the costs of reducing CO2 emissions.
  • The failure to discuss the benefits human beings get from fossil fuels.
  • The failure to consider any positive of CO2 emissions.
  • The failure to appreciate the power of adapting to climate changes.

Additionally, Bjorn shares his thoughts on how to win more people over to thinking rationally about energy and climate.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Quick notes

  • My latest set of talking points is on the COP 26 Agreement. Specifically, the top 5 reasons it is pseudoscientific and anti-human.
  • I was a guest this week on Swan Signal Live, a popular podcast in the Bitcoin community. The host asked a lot of great questions, beginning with the question: What is the most powerful argument (“steel man” argument) you can make against your position?
    One popular Tweet responded to the podcast with: “Alex Epstein killed every doubt I had about climate change and “green” energy. It’s an anti-human doomsday cult.”
  • I was a guest this week on FLOP 26, a series of livestreams by the thoughtful UK commentator Ben Pile. Ben is very interested in thinking methodology and shared many valuable facts about the true state of the world today and how it compares to past predictions. Given how much attention I’ve been getting from the UK I now think there is a possibility I will become a household name in the UK before I become one in the US.
  • Here’s the video from my appearance on In Focus with Stephanie Hamill last Friday, where I discussed why the cost of the reconciliation bill in economic destruction is far greater than its (staggering) cost in taxes and inflation.
  • Now that I’m totally done with Fossil Future (I’m literally not allowed to edit it more) I have more bandwidth to comment on current issues, including to make media appearances. Keep referring me to any major shows you watch or listen to. I’m finding that now, more than ever, shows are eager to book me.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,