Thought on the election, LinkedIn Admits Its Mistake

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  • Thought on the election: the need for a pro-Reality, pro-Science Defense of Fossil Fuels
  • Best of Power Hour: Michael Shellenberger on Apocalypse Never
  • Linked Admits its Mistake, Restores My Reality-Based Climate Post
  • Seeking Feedback on
  • Virtual Event Marathon

Thought on the election: the need for a pro-reality, pro-science defense of fossil fuels

As I write this the outcome of the national elections is still uncertain–and it may remain uncertain for days or weeks to come.

However, there is one strong lesson I think we can take in the realm of energy.

That lesson is: there is a big, receptive audience for a defense of fossil fuels that is pro-reality, pro-science, and pro-human.

Observe that when President Trump finally made energy an issue, championing fossil fuels in general and fracking in particular, former Vice President Biden was on the defensive. And Trump surely won many votes from industrial workers who know firsthand how valuable fossil fuels are and how implausible it is that they can be replaced by renewables aka “unreliables.”

On the other hand, observe how much of the opposition to Trump, including from many freedom-oriented people, is due to their evaluation that he is anti-reality and anti-science.

A case where Trump came across this way was when the topic of climate came up in the debates, and instead of addressing the issue head-on he would give evasive responses like “I want crystal clear water and air.”

As long as advocates of fossil fuels (and of freedom) are seen as in any way anti-reality or anti-science, we will be unable to reach a very large percentage of Americans.

That’s why we need to come across unmistakably as pro-reality and pro-science. We are the ones who look at the facts, and all the facts. We don’t distort the facts, like climate catastrophists do. We don’t deny humanity’s amazing ability to master climate.

We are pro-reality, pro-science, and pro-human. And when one looks at fossil fuels from that perspective, the moral case for fossil fuels is undeniable.

Best of Power Hour: Michael Shellenberger on Apocalypse Never

I discuss the need to be pro-reality, pro-science, and pro-human on the opening segment of this week’s Power Hour.

The rest is a best-of episode: my interview with Michael Shellenberger on Apocalypse Never.

As Mike is an embodiment of taking a pro-reality, pro-science, and pro-human approach to energy I wanted to re-share this valuable interview.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Linked Admits its Mistake, Restores My Reality-Based Climate Post

Last week I reported that LinkedIn improperly took down a fact-based post of mine refuting Joe Biden’s claim that climate change is “going to actually bake this planet. This is not hyperbole.”

I publicly chastised LinkedIn for this decision and explained to them where they erred.

Understandably, many concerned readers told me to keep quiet so I don’t get kicked off the platform.

Happily, LinkedIn not only didn’t kick me off–they publicly admitted their mistake and restored my original post!


This is more validation of the power of being pro-reality, pro-science, and pro-human. The more we do that, the harder it will be to suppress our views.

Seeking Feedback on

I am going to be expanding and improving so that it becomes a go-to resource for the contentious energy battles ahead.

If you have used the site I would be grateful if you replied to this email with answers to 2 questions:

  1. How have you benefited from
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Virtual Event Marathon

Next week I’ll be speaking at four virtual events:

I still have some space in late November and in December, so if you’d like to host a virtual event with me let me know.

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These are tough times for our country and for its energy industry.

To those of you in the energy industry, know that while the obstacles in the coming years may become greater, the ammunition I will provide to overcome those obstacles will become greater still.

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