The roots of the Green New Deal

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  • The gap filled by
  • The roots of the Green New Deal
  • Divesting from the Divesters
  • Quick updates

The gap filled by

In the prominent new book, Green Fraud by Marc Morano (my guest on this week’s Power Hour) he uses over a dozen points from

On this week’s Power Hour, he explained why he finds the resource so valuable.

…what is lacking [in the energy conversation] is more of Alex Epstein. We need to simplify all of this down to the level where the politician and the talk radio audience listener to the someone in the crowd can understand. And I don’t think anyone in America is doing it better than you are in terms of on these energy talking points, because it is the most needed thing and they were simple….if people don’t understand something viscerally, they’re just not going to push it or fight against it…..unless the public can understand the concept simply, easily, and explain it in a sentence or two, you’ve lost the issue.

Morano knows quite a bit about influencing opinion, given that he is often named as the world’s most effective “climate skeptic.” Yet another reason to share!

The roots of the Green New Deal

Here’s the official description of this week’s Power Hour.

The Roots of the Green New Deal

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein discusses the policy platform known as the Green New Deal with Marc Morano, author of the new book “Green Fraud: Why The Green New Deal is Worse Than You Think.”

They focus on the roots of the Green New Deal–Marc, its historical and political roots, Alex, it’s philosophical roots–which both believe are key to successfully opposing it and advocating a positive alternative.

Some of the topics they cover are:

  • How Marc became skeptical of the modern environmental movement.
  • What UN climate conferences are really like–lavish parties, exotic locations, impressive carbon footprints.
  • How Marc was once kicked out of a climate conference and literally thrown in the middle of the desert.
  • Why Marc features so prominently in his new book.
  • What we can learn from the great economics teacher Walter Williams.
  • Alex’s views on the three levels of reframing the energy and climate conversation.
  • Where the Green New Deal came from.
  • How the Green New Deal is part of the current administration’s plans.
  • The wide-ranging, totalitarian scope of the Green New Deal.
  • How Covid lockdowns are encouraging advocates of a totalitarian Green New Deal.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Divesting from the Divesters

One of my readers, a successful oil and gas entrepreneur, sent the following message to his broker–note the use of two Energy Talking Points.

In today’s financial world everyone is hearing all the time about the moral imperative to eliminate fossil fuels. By making your voice heard in favor of fossil fuels you may open some eyes to the truth.

I want to talk with you about moving out of the BlackRock funds. Why?

Here is an excerpt from Larry Fink’s letter to his clients:

“In a letter to our clients today, BlackRock announced a number of initiatives to place sustainability at the center of our investment approach, including: making sustainability integral to portfolio construction and risk management; exiting investments that present a high sustainability-related risk, such as thermal coal producers; launching new investment products that screen fossil fuels; and strengthening our commitment to sustainability and transparency in our investment stewardship activities.”

The following is my thoughts on BlackRock’s statement by Larry Fink:

1. To institutions divesting from fossil fuels: By discouraging the lowest-cost form of reliable energy (fossil fuels) you are not making the world a better place to live. You are *keeping* the world a terrible place for the billions of desperately poor people who desperately need abundant energy.

2. In pandemic 2020 China imported record amounts of oil and produced a 5-year high of coal. It is building 100+ *new* coal plants. No mention of this in Larry Fink’s unbelievably influential letter to CEOs, which praises China’s “historic commitments to achieve net zero emissions.”

We need objectivity and a level playing field for the energy choices for America!

In today’s financial world everyone is hearing all the time about the moral imperative to eliminate fossil fuels. By making your voice heard in favor of fossil fuels you may open some eyes to the truth.

Quick updates

I am mentioned in a recent Dallas Morning News op-ed, “Energy is key to our health and wealth, yet the public understands little about it.” The author is William Keffer, a professor of energy law and director of Energy Law Programs in the Texas Tech University School of Law.

Here’s an excerpt.

It is an exciting time to be in the energy business. The business might be changing, but it is only growing in importance. As author Alex Epstein says, “The energy business is the business that runs every other business.”

Energy education might sound abstract and theoretical, but it is perhaps the most necessary and practical education of all. Most people in the U.S. are the beneficiaries of such a well-developed economy that they have been lulled into having energy at their fingertips and never having to think twice about what makes that possible.

Check out this petition at, led by leading Texas energy regulator Wayne Christian. It says we need to “end all preferences for unreliable electricity and to invest in reliable, resilient electricity instead.” Right on!

Tony Morley, a writer on human progress, is raising money for a children’s book on human progress. I’ve contributed and thought some readers might be interested in contributing, as well. Here’s the description.

“Human Progress for Beginners” is the first children’s book to advance the story of human progress and the truly astonishing improvements in global living standards that have taken place in the last 200 years. The book seeks to tell the optimistic story of how much better our lives are today than they were before industrialization.

This Earth Day I have a couple of exciting events lined up. One, on Earth Day, is my first ever live event teaming up with Patrick Moore, cofounder of Greenpeace. Another, on the day after Earth Day, is a climate panel hosted by Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report. My original interview on Dave’s show has 600,000 YouTube views, and has led several people to recognize me on the street over the years.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter. The next month will be a big one for the trajectory of energy in this country, as the current administration launches some truly dreadful initiatives. I’ll be working publicly as well as behind the scenes to both oppose these initiatives and lay the groundwork for a new, pro-freedom direction on energy policy. Thanks to everyone, especially Accelerators, for the continuing support.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,