The Paris Climate Accord: A Deadly Non-solution to a Non-problem

This week I had the opportunity to discuss President Trump’s decision to pull out of theParis Climate Accord with radio host Mike Slater. As I explain in the interview, the ParisClimate Accord is a deadly nonsolution to a nonproblem:

  • The Accord would have robbed millions of access to energy, including the energy that allows us to cope with a naturally dangerous climate
  • It would have done nothing to avoid the climate catastrophe that supporters think fossil fuels are creating
  • And there is no evidence that the CO2 impact is catastrophic

The interview contains much more, including these kind words from Slater:

“I am just extremely impressed with what you’ve built over these last few years… Really impressed that you’ve gone out so much, and spoken, and spread this message, and done these debates with these high level environmentalists. You’ve done a wonderful job.”

You can listen to the interview here.

Dave Rubin on the moral case for fossil fuels

Interviewer Dave Rubin was recently asked about his views on climate change, and spent big part of his answer recommending that people watch “a really interesting conversation I had with Alex Epstein from the Center for Industrial Progress, who wrote a book called TheMoral Case for Fossil Fuels that I keep right there on my shelf.”

After pointing out that he received and continues to receive a ton of hate mail about my appearance on his show, Dave points out that I recorded a follow up video did where I responded to the top 100 YouTube comments about our interview. You can view that video here, and my original interview with Dave Rubin here.

How has the moral case for fossil fuels impacted you?

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