The North Face Loves Fossil Fuels

I’m in the final week of revising my manuscript of Fossil Future–release date 2/22/22–so this will be another quick newsletter.

  • Readers of this newsletter know that I have repeatedly praised Innovex’s Adam Anderson for standing up to The North Face last year. (More on that story here.) A visit to Houston at the beginning of this week coincided with a convention Innovex was exhibiting at, so I paid a visit with a modified North Face / I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirt, met Adam in person for the first time, and signed some books. Great times.
  • This Monday I gave two speeches, one to the employees of Dril-Quip, an offshore drilling equipment company, and one to a packed house at the Houston Petroleum Club on “How to Win Hearts and Minds.” The second talk was based on the final chapter of “Fossil Future,” where I shared the latest (and by far greatest) evolution of my “Arguing to 0 vs. Arguing to 100” concept.
  • I did a video interview last week for NTD News on California wildfires and how to think about them. I think this was one of the clearest explanations I’ve given regarding wildfires.
  • This week’s Power Hour is a “best-of” episode featuring the very first ever Power Hour from 2011, featuring Robert Bryce. I wanted to share this episode in particular because next week I will make my first ever appearance on Robert’s podcast, The Power Hungry Podcast, and I thought listeners might enjoy seeing what’s changed and what’s stayed the same in 10 years.
    You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.
  • My Twitter thread on the “Clean Energy Standard” is getting a lot of attention. Read it here.
  • I wrote on Twitter about why I oppose a proposed “space tax”; read my comments here and a Daily Wire article covering my comments here.
  • Here are two other interviews I’ve done recently on popular radio shows, both where the hosts asked very good questions: The David Webb Show and The Michael Berry Show.
  • Next Friday I’ll be speaking at Young America’s Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference to hundreds of students. The two speakers after me will be Dan Crenshaw and Ted Cruz.
  • As I mentioned in my opening remark, I am charging hard toward my latest manuscript deadline. I’m very happy with how this book is turning out. And there’s no way it would be this good without the team I have working on it, including Steffen Henne. Thanks to the Accelerators who make this possible.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,