The next 4 years of energy policy

Last week I was interviewed on the podcast by leading libertarian thinker Nick Gillespie. The subject was the new administration’s energy policy–and, more broadly, what the right energy policy is.

The interview was supposed to last 20 minutes but it ended up lasting an hour. Nick asked great questions and we covered some ground I haven’t covered in other interviews.

Watch/listen here.


Hearts and Minds

We constantly get messages from readers and viewers commenting on how our pro-human, full-context approach to thinking about issues has changed their way of thinking–and communicating. Here’s a recent one:

“I’d also like to thank you for the course on how to discuss fossil fuels with an antagonist, not just for the technique, which does work–Thank You–but also for the improvement in my thinking process by focussing on the most essential and not getting sidetracked by the peripheral issues.”

— William, December 5, 2016 via email