The Moral Case Rising

This post comes from an email update covering the launch of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, which Alex sent to subscribers to Movement, the free weekly newsletter of the Center for Industrial Progress. Go here to subscribe now!

Hi everyone,

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels is officially a National Bestseller, currently at #3 on The Wall Street Journal business list!

Since launch day a little under two weeks ago…

Reviews have been coming in fast. Here are a few.

  • From National Review: “What Epstein presents is a powerful, systematic, and relentlessly logical philosophical case for the moral value of the fossil-fuel industry, and the fundamentally immoral basis of the movement that is seeking to demonize and destroy it. In short, the book is unique, and utterly terrific….”

  • From The Motley Fool: “Epstein’s book is loaded with data showing that humans are living longer, better lives as a result of our increased usage of fossil fuels….”

  • From Energy and Climate News: “In his new book, The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Alex Epstein makes one of the most compelling arguments for the moral value of fossil fuels and the need to increase their use I have ever read….”

I’ve been writing up a storm–10+ pieces in over 25 publications, e.g. in Fox News, Forbes, and Investor’s Business Daily.


And I was on a bunch of radio and talk shows, including:


I also spoke at industry organizations such as United States Oil and Gas Association (USOGA), Petroleum Club of Houston (PCOH), and US Chamber of Commerce. And at a few significant think tanks and events:


Alex Epstein and Peter ThielAnd the startup Tachyus hosted a ‘fireside chat’ with me and PayPal-Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel.

Peter commented: “I’ve been familiar with a lot of these topics in the debate before, but I think Alex’s book does a phenomenal job of bringing a whole number of these threads together. There were definitely some new ideas that I had not heard before in it.”

Definitely a busy two weeks with everything–the reviews, articles, radio and TV appearances, speeches–but the work’s been a lot of fun. It’s great to see that so many people, from college students to veteran thought leaders, are excited about the prospect of a moral case for fossil fuels. Particularly rewarding is the opportunity I’ve had to speak with leading oilmen, courageous individuals who are moving the world of energy forward despite incredible obstacles in their paths. (I would especially like to thank Bobby Shackouls, who has just recently become a hugely benevolent advocate.)

Because of CIP’s supporters- big and small, laymen and industry men, newcomers as well as those with us from day one–the momentum of the book launch has been awesome. And over the next few weeks, we’re going to keep going full steam! For instance, later today I’ll be on Dr. Drew, and tomorrow I’ll be on The Dennis Miller Show.

Dr. Drew-Dennis Miller

My sincere thank you for helping to spread the moral case–and for your continued efforts to do so. Now here’s to a great Thanksgiving, in our hydrocarbon-powered homes, warmly enjoying the holiday with those we love.


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