The moral case for high-impact industries

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to speak at the annual conference of The Association of Union Constructors. I was particularly excited to speak at this conference because the attendees’ unions represented a combined 3 million employees from groups such as iron workers, boilermakers, electricians, etc.

One hour before the speech, everyone has a book waiting for them.

The moral case for fossil fuels is crucial to these industries for two reasons.

First, they rely on cheap, plentiful, reliable energy from fossil fuels–and when that energy is restricted their industries suffer terribly.

Second, because they mostly work in highimpact industriesindustries that create value by visibly transforming our environment–they especially benefit from reframing the debates over their industries in pro-human terms.

I got to meet many bright, thoughtful, passionate people at the book signing after my speech.

I already have several plans to talk to attendees about educating their many members.

Thanks so much to TAUC for inviting me.