The climate change town hall wake-up call

Last week’s climate change town hall on CNN saw the Democratic presidential candidates competing over who would outlaw fossil fuels (and nuclear) the quickest and who would spend the most on “fighting climate change.”

I just recorded an hour-long edition of Power Hour to cover the town hall in depth—including why I believe it’s a wake-up call for industry to mount an aggressive response.

Here are a few key takeaways from our discussion:

  • One reason we’ve reached the state where leading candidates for the presidency can advocate outlawing fossil fuels is that no one, including the fossil fuel industry, has done much to explain to the world what an achievement it is to provide cheap, reliable, versatile, scalable energy.
  • Everyone at the town hall took for granted that life is worse for today’s young, even though life has never been better–thanks in large part to previous generations making the choice to use fossil fuels. 
  • Today we don’t face a climate emergency: a real emergency would be a modern human population with modern knowledge but without modern energy–which is exactly what we would get if any of these candidates were able to implement their plan.
  • These radical bans on fossil fuels are terrifying in terms of their impact on security: the ability to produce energy domestically and export it to allies gives us a lot of protection against foreign enemies.

This town hall was a declaration of war on American energy production.

We need to fight back against this. It will not be enough to say a few nice things about oil and gas–not when the opposition is willing to ban your industry, send industry executives to prison, and wreck the entire economy. 

The key is to counter the anti-fossil fuel movement in a very aggressive way that makes clear to people that these anti-fossil policies are not going to make our country and our environment better–that they are actually deadly and miserable for human beings. 

You can listen to the entire episode of Power Hour here.


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