Ted Cruz Loves Fossil Fuels (Or At Least Our T-Shirts)

Last Friday, CIP supporter Ben Nelson asked GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz a question live on C-SPAN, and he was nice enough to share the video with us yesterday.

The question was about how government subsidies drive up college tuition, but Cruz was more interested in Mr. Nelson’s awesome shirt:

That Ben drew Cruz’s attention to the issue so easily is an example of just how effective it is to stand up for fossil fuels using the positive, moral case—instead of apologizing for them and trying to appeal to people on the basis of the green movement’s own, false ideas.

Hopefully it’s also a sign that Cruz and the other Republican candidates will begin incorporating more energy liberation into their platforms.

If you’re reading this Senator Cruz, let us know if you want a shirt like Ben’s. We’d be happy to send you a free one—as well as a copy of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.

And anyone can get one of their own at ilovefossilfuels.com.

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