Talking human flourishing and “Fossilosophy” on a top 50 podcast

I am the guest on this week’s “Art of Charm” podcast with Jordan Harbinger. The podcast gets over 2 million downloads a month, with listeners in 191 countries.

If you’re interested in the underlying philosophy behind The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and the underlying method by which I am able to persuade the seemingly unpersuadable, make sure to listen to this one. (For even more on persuasion see How to Talk to Anyone About Energy.)

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Hearts and minds

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We constantly get messages from readers and viewers commenting on how our pro-human, full-context approach to thinking about issues has changed their way of thinking–and communicating. Here are some recent ones:

“My wife and I listened to many of your Power Hour podcasts on a recent 19 hr (back and forth) to Colorado.  We were enthralled by the great people you have join in on your podcast.  Keep up the good work.  I work in the energy business and do public speaking.  I’ll have to order some of your supplies to enhance my speaking knowledge on more facts.”

— Kevin, September 6, 2016, after listening to 30+ hours of Power Hour

“I thought it [Alex’s e-course] was absolutely terrific! Now I’m listening to it again, and rereading MCFF (then 3x more, per your advice).

I think your approach can be very helpful for almost any future discussion. I’ve had many conversations that have descended into unproductive arguments, but I hope that will seldom or never happen again. Your idea of starting out by really “getting” where they’re coming from, and acknowledging it empathetically, then knowing ways to get from “Point A to Point B” with a few simple rules for productive discussions makes sense. With concentration and practice, I expect that approach to make all my future conversations more productive and convincing.

Thank you for all you do!”

— Dan, August 4, 2016, after taking our How to Talk to Anyone About Energy e-course