A large group of academic economists has publicly given its endorsement to the Occupy Movement under the banner of “occupy economics” or “Econ4”– a “new” economics “4 the people, 4 the planet, 4 the future.” What does this mean?In typical Occupier fashion, the Econ4 Mission Statement is incredibly vague about its intentions. Fortunately, Eric Dennis and I have “discovered” an earlier draft that makes …

Thank the 1%

This Thanksgiving, I wrote a piece called “Let’s Thank the One Percent” for The piece got a lot of attention, getting over 3000 “Likes” on Facebook, earning the #1 spot on reader recommendations, and receiving the (very negative) attention of the iconic liberal blog Daily Kos.

Occupying “Occupy Wall Street” — Tell Us What You Think

Several weeks ago, when I was vacationing in New York, CIP’s Dr. Eric Dennis and I visited the enduring “Occupy Wall Street”  group. Here are three videos of our experiences. Tell us what you think. Does anything about the protestors strike you as particularly noteworthy or ominous? I’ll share my reflections in a future post.