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How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy – The first course in our Energy Champion program. You’ll get an in-depth education in the moral case for fossil fuels and how to discuss it with others.

How to Talk to Anyone About Energy – This introductory course will teach you the foundations for having constructive conversations about energy. (Note: This course is not a prerequisite for our more advanced course, “How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy.”)

Speaking, Training, and Consulting

Have Alex Epstein speak to your audiences. Here are some of his most popular topics:

"The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels"

This speech introduces listeners to something that most of them have never heard: the idea that fossil fuel use is moral.

"How to Talk to Anyone About Energy"

This speech shares the key principles people need to effectively have constructive conversations about energy, rather than frustrating fights.

"How to Win Hearts and Minds"

This speech, designed for those who seek to champion fossil fuels, discusses why fossil fuel defenders have so much difficulty winning the hearts and minds of their stakeholders—and how reframing the conversation is the fundamental solution.

"How to Have Constructive Conversations about Energy" Workshop

This one-day workshop gives teams custom guidance on dealing with their most important audiences and communication challenges.

"Stakeholder Strategy Session"

This day-long session is for organizations that are undertaking a new, significant communication project and want to maximize their chances of success. Using a framework called “The 10 Ms” Alex takes project leaders through the following 10 questions.

  • Mission: What exactly are we trying to accomplish?
  • Metrics: How will we measure success?
  • Monkey wrenches: What obstacles will we have to overcome?
  • Markets: What markets or audiences are we trying to persuade?
  • Messages: What messages will persuade them?
  • Methods: What methods of explanation will persuade them?
  • Messengers: Which messengers will be most persuasive to them?
  • Materials: What form-factors will be most effective?
  • Media: What media will the messengers deliver the message through?
  • Money: What is your budget, and why?

After the session we combine your answers with our own research and tested strategies in a fully-customized strategy report.

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