Power Hour: Mark Mathis on SpOILed the Movie

It’s not every day that someone makes a movie about the vital importance of oil in human life. It’s certainly not every day that a documentarian blasts the notion that oil is an “addiction.” Mark Mathis’s SpOILed, coming out in limited release in October, is both a tribute to the role of oil in our lives and a warning about America’s dangerously anti-oil policies. I have seen the movie, and while I disagree some of the movie’s economic ideas, particularly the credence it gives to predictions of “peak oil” disaster, I definitely think people should see it and discuss the issues it raises. Thus, I brought on Director Mark Mathis to discuss the importance of oil, America’s anti-oil policies, and what we should–and shouldn’t–be worried about when it comes to oil. We had a lively discussion, and I think you will find it educational.

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