Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on the moral case for fossil fuels: “I happen to agree with that”

Last week I mentioned that Secretary of Energy Rick Perry heard me speak on “Winning Hearts and Minds” and that we had a good conversation afterwards. Apparently it made an impact.

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At a press conference he gave following the event, Perry is quoted as saying:

I’m a big fan of fossil fuels. In fact there was a really interesting yesterday … at a luncheon where a fellow spoke about, Alex Epstein, spoke about the moral case for fossil fuelsIhappen to agree with thatI think it’s really important. That said, I’m an ‘all the above’ guy.”

(The quote comes from an article critical of Perry and me, and includes a link to Jody Freeman’s critical “review” of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. You can find my response to her article here.)