Resources – GPA Midstream – 4/17/18

Resources from Alex Epstein

My presentations have two goals:

  1. Increase your clarity on energy issues
  2. Increase your positive influence on energy issues

These resource will help you take both to new heights.

As I mentioned at the event, I’m also offering you a special resource: free access to my energy ambassadorship course, “How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy.” This course usually sells for $100. But sign up here and you’ll gain access to more than four hours of my best material at no cost.

Increase your energy clarity

Framework: How to think about our energy choices using a pro-human framework

Facts: The full context of facts that should inform our energy choices

Positions: The pro-human choice on vital energy issues


Increase your energy influence

Framework: Why and how to reframe all energy communication in pro-human terms (“Arguing to 100”)

Strategy: How to get clarity on your persuasive objectives and the highest leverage drivers to achieve them

Messaging: Persuasive, pro-human content that is at the heart of positive influence

Conversation: How to positive influence others in one-on-one conversation

Internal Communication: How to positively influence your peers and colleagues

Shareable resources: Usually the best way to positively influence others is to give them a preexisting resource that is pro-human and persuasive.