The Ultimate (Signed) Bundle: Progressive Energy, Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet, and Free Market Revolution

BREAKING NEWS: Get a bonus signed copy of Free Market Revolution by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins. See below for more details.

In the second quarter of 2013, we will be releasing my book, tentatively titled: “Progressive Energy: A New Philosophy of Energy, Environment, and Progress.”

Every movement needs a manifesto, and this is ours.

Want a signed copy? If you donate $50 to the project, we’ll give one to you, free. Offer good for as many copies as you want.

PLUS, we’ll send you my new e-book, “Fossil Fuels Improve the Planet,” also free!

If you give $100 you’ll get an additional collector’s itema copy of the landmark new book “Free Market Revolution,” signed by authors Yaron Brook and Don Watkins, our friends at the Ayn Rand Institute. (Those who have already donated $50 can take advantage of this offer by donating $50 more.)