Power Preview: 4 New Talks to Industry

// This week Alex Epstein is in

Calgary for some private consulting with energy companies, and for four speaking events:

  • Today, Wednesday, Oct. 23, Alex is giving two talks, “Energy Heroes” and “How to Convert Fossil Fuel Opponents Into Fossil Fuel Supporters,” at the Gas Processing Association of Canada and Petroleum Joint Venture Association’s 20th Annual Joint Conference.
  • Tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 24, Alex will speak on “energy and the environment,” and will participate in a panel discussion on “sustainability” at the World Petroleum Council’s Youth Forum, where he’ll offer the young professionals at the conference, ages 20-35, a perspective on these issues they’ve likely never heard.

Since none of the talks will be available to the public, we decided to record a preview, with highlights of the key ideas Alex will be discussing. Listen below, and be sure to share! [audio: http://industrialprogress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Talk-Preview.mp3]   //