Power Hour: Magdalena Segieda on FrackNation

FrackNationThis week’s Power Hour features an interview with Magdalena Segieda, co-director of the new documentary, FrackNation.


  • why FrackNation is so important
  • what the “victims” of frac’ing are really like (hint: they know a lot more about it than the attackers)
  • what happened at the FrackNation premiere in NY
  • the truth about Josh Fox (creator of Gasland)
  • what life is like in Segieda’s native Poland, where natural gas is as expensive as the frac’ing opposition wants it to be
  • about the Progressive Energy Project

Segieda is one of the bright, passionate up-and-comers in the industrial progress movement–so don’t miss this episode.

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