Opportunities to win the hearts and minds of students

A few weeks ago, in a note titled “Why I speak,” I told the story of the powerful impact the moral case for fossil fuels had on students in Missouri several weeks ago.

Last week, I had a similar experience at Bethel University. Except this time, I made sure I recorded a couple of the student reactions so you can see them.

In both cases, the experiences were made possible by a variety of campus sponsors (the traditional means by which major university events are funded). In the case of Bethel, it was Secure Energy Future.

If you’re interested in helping a school you’re affiliated with host an event, I encourage you to contact Nikki Norris at nikki@industrialprogress.net and she can research the logistics. We already have one ally interested in hosted a high-profile debate at one or more major universities (I just need to get someone to agree to debate me!).

Also, for companies: the Society of Petroleum Engineer’s Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, at which I will present “The Moral Case for Hydraulic Fracturing,” asked me to share that there is still an opportunity to be a named sponsor of my speech to 500-700 industry professionals.

One of the organizers of the event, Professor Dan Hill, the Petroleum Engineering Department Head at Texas A&M University, had this to say: “I just asked my assistant to order 200 copies of your book. I am going to give a copy to each of our 170 new sophomores in our department. I think every petroleum engineer should have your book.”

Bottom line: the pro-human, big-picture approach of the moral case for fossil fuels is not only right, it is persuasive and powerful wherever it is presented properly–from suspicious college students to seasoned industry employees.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us promote it thus far and please keep promoting it. No matter what happens in this election we’re going to need better thinking on energy.

If you’re interested in sponsoring or hosting a talk, please email Nikki at nikki@industrialprogress.net. You can also visit our speaking page for more information.