Occupy Wall Street: “To Hell With Steve Jobs”

On Saturday, October 22, CIP’s Dr. Eric Dennis and I visited the Occupy Wall Street demonstration to learn about the protestors’ goals and motivations.

Here is one particularly revealing exchange between Eric and a protestor on the subject of our culture’s dearly-departed industrial hero, Steve Jobs. (We will post the video footage of this exchange, and several other revealing exchanges, soon.)

  • OWS: The top 1% don’t produce anything.
  • CIP: Did Steve Jobs produce something?
  • OWS: Steve Jobs had a lot of good ideas but the wealth he accumulated was produced by others. Steve Jobs took in the wealth that others produced…Somebody else would have invented the things…I think Steve Jobs and all the other Steve Jobs’s in the world, like most researchers, most R&D, can be salaried employees of the majority…I don’t believe that there’s any need for individuals like Steve Jobs in this system to flourish based on their particular talents or their particular genius…To hell with Steve Jobs.”