News worth repeating

In this week’s email I want to repeat what I wrote last week, since our new Human Flourishing Project and my new video about freedom are two of the most valuable things I’ve been involved in creating. Please listen to the podcast and/or share the video!

Also, check out the new, popular Facebook video by Canadian businessman Rob Saik recommending The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels to anti-fossil fuel visitors to Canada!



The New Human Flourishing Podcast

On the latest episode of Power Hour, I announce what I call The Human Flourishing Project — the first step of which is the new Human Flourishing Podcast. One of my advisors on the project and my co-host on the podcast is strategy guru Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach. He joins me on Power Hour to discuss how the project came to be and what we hope to accomplish with it.

Bottom line: I expect this project to both accelerate our impact on the energy debate and impact many other crucial debates, as well.

Listen here and enter in your email at to get updates about the new project. We’ll be launching the new podcast by the beginning of February.

Listen to the podcast

My favorite speech is here — it’s just 12 minutes!

Related, back in October I gave a speech to the Genius Network annual event in Arizona. It was about freedom and human flourishing. The event was $10K a person to attend and until now the full recording was only available to Genius Network members who pay $25K a year. But now it’s available on YouTube. It’s 12 minutes, maybe the best talk I’ve ever given. Please share it.

“Welcome Jane Fonda & Greenpeace to -31”

Robert Saik, founder of AgriTrend and supporter of the Center for Industrial Progress, recorded a powerful 1-minute message to Jane Fonda and Greenpeace.

In the video Robert says, “While touring our Oil Sands in your limos & helicopter consider reading The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein.”

Hearts and Minds

We constantly get messages from readers and viewers commenting on how our pro-human, full-context approach to thinking about issues has changed their way of thinking–and communicating. Here’s a recent one:

“Your insights and information are invaluable and incredible in rebutting the progressive agenda for legitimizing “climate change”. Your remarks before our group at SMU recently were extraordinary and intensely compelling. Each evening in watching the day’s weather report on the evening news, I am constantly reminded how impelling your arguments are as I hear about record highs from the 1920’s through the 1940’s but very little about highs in the past few years! Guess this explains the fairly recent shift in terminology from the left referring to ‘climate change’ vs. ‘global warming’?

In any event, your visit was among the best time spent over the past two years for me, and I am greatly in your debt for taking your very valuable time and sharing your message with us.”

– Win, after attending a recent speech