New talking points on “energy transition,” “green energy jobs,” and carbon taxes

In this issue:

  • New talking points on the “energy transition,” “green energy jobs,” and carbon taxes
  • Former Congressman Keith Rothfus on this week’s Power Hour
  • One of my favorite reader stories

New talking points on the “energy transition,” “green energy jobs,” and carbon taxes

I’ve posted new talking points on These emerged from “Energy Talking Points on Demand,” my new group for elected officials. If you know any elected officials or staff members from the House, Senate, or Governor’s offices, please encourage them to reach out to me.

On the “energy transition”:

Q: Aren’t we in a rapid free-market energy transition from fossil fuels to solar and wind?
A: No. The 3.8% of American energy that comes from solar and wind is due mostly to anti-market policies that force utilities and consumers to buy unreliable, cost-increasing energy.
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On “green energy jobs”:

Q: Won’t Joe Biden’s energy plan create enough “green energy jobs” to offset millions of lost jobs in the fossil fuel industry?
A: No. By making energy unreliable and unaffordable for every American industry, the Biden Plan would create mass “green joblessness.”
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On carbon taxes:

Q: Won’t a carbon tax reduce CO2 emissions without hurting our economy?
A: No. A carbon tax would raise energy prices, make every American industry less competitive, and offshore our CO2 emissions to the countries that outcompete us.
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Former Congressman Keith Rothfus on this week’s Power Hour

Former Congressman Keith Rothfus, the first person in Congress to my knowledge to promote The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, joined me on this week’s Power Hour to discuss threats to energy freedom under the new administration–and how to fight back.

I asked Congressman Rothfus:

  • What prompted you to run for Congress?
  • What did you do to promote energy freedom while in Congress?
  • What are the major attacks on energy freedom you expect from the Biden administration and its Congressional allies?
  • What advice do you have for pro-energy, pro-freedom elected officials?
  • Are there opportunities to make a difference by proposing legislation even if it won’t pass (like Democrats with the green new deal)?
  • What do you think of–and what can we do to make it better?

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

One of my favorite reader stories

From Jim Brown, a longtime reader of this newsletter.

I am in College Station, Texas for a family Thanksgiving. Last night, sitting around the firepit, I had a long conversation with my lively niece, Sara. The conversation turned to climate change. At one point in the conversation, I made a point you have articulated so well: the myth that our climate was once benign and hospitable to humans, but then we came along and made it dangerous with carbon dioxide from industry and energy. I made your point that the opposite is true: the climate is naturally hostile to humans, and only inexpensive, concentrated, abundant industrial energy can make it less dangerous.

Sara said to me: “You should read a book called The Moral Case For Fossil Fuels.”

You coulda knocked me over with a feather. Sara cuts hair for a living. She heard about your book from a client whose spouse works for an energy company, who heard you speak. Sara got interested and read your book. And she passed your point of view on to her children.

At our family gatherings, I am normally the one who spreads information like your book. But this time it came from a surprising source. Dude, you are having an impact.

Thanks, Jim, for sending this great story.

And thanks to everyone who is spreading the truth about energy.

With, Energy Talking Points on Demand, and the new fossil fuel book (title to be announced soon), spreading the truth will become far easier.

Thanks especially to the Accelerators who help us with the R&D and promotion that spreads the truth that much faster.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,