New Resource: 100 Hearts & Minds eBook

If you follow the energy debate at all, you’ve probably heard some version of the following:

  • “It’s a lost cause.”
  • “People don’t change their minds about fossil fuels.”
  • “People are too stupid/irrational/emotional to understand the case for fossil fuels.”

When I started writing about energy over 10 years ago, I wanted to offer people the most effective, persuasive materials in the moral case for fossil fuels ever created. It was my belief that if that case was presented clearly and logically, it was possible to genuinely change hearts and minds.

Now I know it.

Over the last decade, I have released everything from free online articles and videos to speeches to the book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. The response has been phenomenal.

I have received thousands of pieces of feedback of changed lives–both people in the industry and, more tellingly, people with no connection to the industry (which I was before I learned the moral case for fossil fuels).

This has confirmed my early conviction that there is an incredible potential to convince people of the truth that fossil fuels are a healthy choice, not a dangerous addiction—and to empower them to become eager and effective champions of the fossil fuel industry.

In my new eBook, you’ll find 100 of my personal favorite testimonials. Here are just a few:

“Over the years, Alex has expanded my mind to all of the benefits of energy production. As an undergraduate student of economics, Alex’s work was inspiring on the various ways the economy benefits from expanding energy production. This led to my desire to study energy economics in graduate school. I now consider myself a champion of the energy industry, which makes me something of an outsider in my graduate program.” -Brandon Bridge

I was a deeply ingrained environmentalist who was against fossil fuels, nuclear etc.Over time I can see the benefits and the disadvantages of all energy sources. I also understand that humans and their activities change the planet’s environment. The process of adding carbon and other pollutants etc is changing the planet. I also understand that the green movement have a lot to answer for when it comes to energy. I am an advocate for nuclear power, gas and hydro. I have even changed my views on fracking much to the amazement of my colleagues. As an ecologist I can see the benefits which can come about due to gas exploration and nuclear power…” -Jon Cranfield

Before hearing/learning of Alex I had the stereotypical beliefs that gas/oil/coal were products of evil greedy capitalists who solely wanted profit and to destroy the planet while doing so. After listening to Alex I’ve completely done a 180 on all my previous beliefs. He had such a rational and commonsensical way of looking at things and his explanations you’d seriously have to refuse to understand his points not to be complete agreement with him.” -Jonathan Parry

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