New climate talking points, triumphing over disruption, a pro-freedom approach to COVID-19

In this issue:

  • Donor offers to double Accelerator contributions
  • New climate talking points
  • Workshop this Friday: “Triumphing Over Disruption”
  • A pro-freedom approach to COVID-19
  • My favorite COVID-19 commentators

Donor offers to double Accelerator contributions

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Accelerator program. (For more on this program see the bottom of this email.) I’m happy to announce that the Prometheus Foundation, founded by Carl Barney, has generously offered to match the next $25,000 in Accelerator contributions we receive. That means your contribution will be doubled. You can make an Accelerator contribution here.

New climate talking points

On this week’s Power Hour I share some talking points on climate that I recommend pro-freedom political candidates use this upcoming election season. While I do not consistently identify with either of the major political parties, on energy and environmental issues today’s Republicans are generally far better. You can watch the segment here and read the sample climate talking points hereIf you like these talking points, feel free to share them with any campaigns you are connected to and encourage them to reach out to me. I have talking points on many other energy-related issues (and more on climate) that I’d like to share with as many pro-energy campaigns as possible in this crucial energy election.

Workshop this Friday: “Triumphing Over Disruption”

Over the last several weeks I’ve developed a tool to help me achieve significant professional and personal growth during this period of massive disruption. I call it the “Triumphing Over Disruption” tool. Last week I held an impromptu workshop guiding 25 or so people in using this tool in various aspects of their lives. Here’s the audio of the event as well as the outline I shared. Since the feedback was very positive I’ll be holding another one this Friday for up to 100 people. Two notes if you’re considering attending.

  • I’ll ask attendees to have their video on so the workshop can be truly interactive.
  • I’ll record the audio (not the video) and share it as this week’s episode of The Human Flourishing Project.

If you’d like to attend, reply to this email with “Workshop” and I’ll send you the info.

A pro-freedom approach to COVID-19

In the first segment of this week’s Power Hour I challenge the false equivalence between “doing something about COVID-19” and universal lockdowns. We would be much better served by governments prohibiting specific behaviors that demonstrably pose a major threat to everyone—and otherwise leaving us free to live our lives as we judge best.

My favorite COVID-19 commentators

On this week’s Power Hour I also discuss some of the COVID-19 commentators I’ve been following.

The fallacy of COVID-19 and climate “denial”

This new graphic circulating on Twitter captures an increasingly popular argument against fossil fuels: COVID-19 “denial” caused the current catastrophe, and climate change “denial” is causing another catastrophe.

On the third segment of this week’s Power Hour I challenge the false alternative of “believer” vs. “denier” and advocate that we become COVID-19 and climate thinkers who carefully weigh the pros and cons of different forms of actions.

I also share the basic data demonstrating that while human activity is having some influence on climate, there is nothing resembling a climate catastrophe that warrants restricting fossil fuel use and disempowering billions of people.

For more on the idea of being a climate thinker, see this 20-minute talk I delivered in 2018 to Turning Point USA.

To life, liberty, and the pursuit of energy,