My response to a Harvard professor + a high school teacher’s moving story

The latest Energy Law Journal features my response to Harvard Law Professor (and ConocoPhillips Board member) Jody Freeman, the first high-stature intellectual to attempt arigorous criticism of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.

I think it’s worth reading in part because in the beginning I give maybe my best quick summary to date of the moral case for fossil fuels.

Read it here.

We constantly get messages from readers and viewers commenting on how our pro-human, full-context approach to thinking about issues has changed their way of thinking–and communicating.

Here’s a recent one, from a high school teacher:

“I’m a high school teacher in Arizona and I’ve been trying to teach my students the importance of clear thinking and clear communication.

“I teach film making and we have just finished our unit on propaganda.

“We compared the ideas you present in your Youtube videos to those put forward by Bill Nye.

At the end of the section 95% of the students were convinced that fossil fuels were anecessity for human flourishing and not a negative influence on the world.

They all labeled Bill Nye’s video as propaganda.

“Thank you so much for your example and your courage to stand up for what you (we) believe in. It is refreshing to see well thought out ideas that make an outstanding case for why fossil fuels are beneficial and not something to be feared.

“As you know, it’s not popular to question the ‘science’ behind climate change and in my job sharing my opinions in class can cost me my job.

“I want you to know that I’m using your work to help my students think critically and believe in the good in mankind. You’re making a difference. Keep it up. Thanks.”

–Adam Larsen, Deer Valley High School, Glendale, AZ