My new piece in USA Today on “climate change” and the presidential debates

I was asked to weigh in on whether or not climate change should be included in the upcoming presidential debate. My response was featured as an “editorial debate” on, and could possibly be released in USA Today’s print edition later this week (stay tuned). For now, here’s an excerpt of the online edition, released just this morning:


Become climate thinkers, and liberate fossil fuels

Should Chris Wallace ask our presidential candidates about climate change? Absolutely, but only as part of a broader discussion of the role of fossil fuels in America’s energy future.

“Climate change” — more precisely, man-made warming — is a side effect of using fossil fuels for cheap, plentiful, reliable energy. To ask candidates to address climate change without addressing the unique benefits of fossil fuels is like asking the candidates to address vaccine side effects without addressing the unique benefits of vaccines.

The question Wallace should ask is: “Given your assessment of the benefits and risks of fossil fuels, including the effects of warming, what is the right energy policy for America?”

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