Light Brigade Press Kit

On Sunday, February 17, the Sierra Club will lead what is being billed as the world’s largest ever “climate rally.”

“This is a blackout rally,” said Alex Epstein, President of the Center for Industrial Progress (CIP).

“The Sierra Club doesn’t just want to outlaw the Keystone Pipeline, which would by itself be a horrible economic blow, they want to outlaw all fossil fuels.

“They also want to outlaw nuclear and hydroelectric power, which are the only sources of affordable, reliable energy that don’t emit CO2.

“They claim to support solar and wind power, but these expensive, unreliable sources are the biggest energy failures of the last century.

“The Sierra Club doesn’t care about climate safety. If they did, they would be the world’s leading supporters of nuclear power, and they would celebrate the fact that not only has warming been moderate, climate-related deaths have fallen 98% in the last 80 years.

“The Green establishment’s real enemy is the high-energy, industrial civilization that keeps our lights on. But by exploiting good people’s concern about a healthy environment, they are advancing their blackout agenda.

“That’s why CIP’s team of energy experts is leading a Light Brigade to come to the event and educate our fellow citizens. We will explain how if you look at the big picture, fossil fuels are an amazing boon to human life. They have helped make today’s environment the healthiest one ever.”

Prior to the Light Brigade, the “forward on climate” rally was going unopposed. Despite the presence of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of pro-fossil-fuel groups in DC, none announced any plans to engage the protest.

CIP is known for its willingness to challenge other groups are afraid to engage as a means of educating the public. Epstein has debated Greenpeace, Occupy Wall Street, and, most recently,’s Bill McKibben.

“We are not be holding a counter-protest, we are be holding a counter-education. Everyone who wears a Light Brigade shirt will bring his knowledge and his story and his passion for energy.”

“We welcome any American who loves are way of life to join the Light Brigade by signing up at, studying the facts, and coming down to the Mall on Februrary 17 to turn a blackout rally into an enlightenment rally.”

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