In this issue:

  • 5-minute shareable video of my Congressional testimony
  • A new introductory video
  • Power Hour: The many myths of “energy transition”
  • Kaizen

5-minute shareable video of my Congressional testimony

I’ve been getting great feedback from all over about my Congressional testimony last week.

One of my favorite comments was from actor Mark Pellegrino.


I’ve created a 5-minute video, featuring just my testimony, to make it easier to share. I hope many people share it but especially if you are an executive at an oil and gas company, please share this defense of your industry with your employees.

This mailing list reaches energy executives overseeing literally hundreds of thousands of employees. I confess to being disappointed that my video last week wasn’t shared more widely by the industry it was defending–an industry that has so few defenders in the world today, let alone highly effective defenders testifying in front of Congress.

Here again is the 5-minute video of my testimony. And the full video of my performance.

(If any executives are uncomfortable sharing my testimony with employees, I hope they reach out to me and let me know why; I will keep their correspondence confidential.)

A new introductory video

If you want to introduce an open-minded person to a new way of thinking about energy and environmental issues, try this new interview I did on the popular Modern Wisdom podcast, hosted by Chris Williamson. I think it’s my best interview yet.

Here’s my favorite YouTube comment so far: “I still can’t say I agree with everything Alex is pushing but this interview has certainly broadened my perspective….there were a lot of arguments here that were wildly unsettling for me – bravo for that.”

Special thanks to supporter Mark Wickens, who encouraged Chris Williamson to have me on the show. If you follow any popular podcasts or other shows that I’d be a good guest for, please encourage them to invite me on. Many of my biggest interviews so far, such as Dave Rubin and Adam Carolla, have come from my supporters recommending me as a guest.

Power Hour: The many myths of “energy transition”

Here’s the official description of this week’s Power Hour

On this week’s Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews Terry Etam, an energy industry veteran who is one of the savviest energy analysts today. They debunk the claim that the world is going through a rapid “energy transition” away from fossil fuels by discussing many energy realities, including:

  • China’s fossil fueled dominance of “green energy”
  • China’s, Russia’s, and India’s plan to use more fossil fuel going forward
  • How California is “transitioning” to more and more blackouts
  • How Ontario’s “transition” led to skyrocketing electricity prices
  • How Canada’s “transition” is a senseless sacrifice of Canadian prosperity and security
  • How the same anti-human-impact forces that oppose fossil fuels also oppose the mining necessary for solar, wind, and batteries

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.


The Japanese term “Kaizen” means “continuous improvement.” I have been thinking about this term over the last year thanks to its frequent use by today’s most successful Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach–and another person with a philosophy background–John Danaher. (I have studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 2003.) Danaher’s students make astoundingly fast progress by continuously improving every day, always believing that in the long-term they have vast potential to improve.

I very much believe in Kaizen for my ability to explain energy issues; I can always improve a little, and in the long run I’m nowhere near what’s possible.

Thus, it is super-gratifying to get comments like these about my recent testimony.

Image 2-1
Image 2-2
Image 3-1

The basic reason I’ve been getting a lot better in the past couple years is that I have a lot more time and resources than ever before to spend on explaining energy to the general public–as against doing behind-the-scenes consulting.

And a lot of that time+resources is made possible by my Accelerators.

Thank you. I hope that today’s Alex Epstein will pale in comparison to the Alex Epstein of a year from now.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,