Interview with Boilermakers 154’s Shawn Steffee, Refuting the “existential threat” claim

In this issue:

  • Interview with Boilermakers 154’s Shawn Steffee
  • Refuting the “existential threat” claim
  • Fact-Checking LinkedIn’s “fact-checkers”
  • New interviews
  • Lots of upcoming virtual events

Interview with Boilermakers 154’s Shawn Steffee

Last week, Shawn Steffee, an executive board member of Boilermakers 154 in Pennsylvania, was featured on a popular FoxNews segment (2 million views on YouTube so far) in which he loudly and proudly advocated for fossil fuels.

On this week’s Power Hour I brought Steffee on to talk about the fossil fuel industry in Pennsylvania and what its challenges and opportunities are going forward.

We covered a lot of ground, including:

  • Why every other form of energy is made using fossil fuels
  • How Steffee learned about the case for fossil fuels
  • Why utilities should offer a real renewable energy option, where your power gets cut off when sunshine and wind are inadequate
  • What happens “behind the scenes” when you turn your lights on
  • Common-sense problems with using solar in regions with bad winters
  • Why “smart” people can have so many dumb ideas about energy
  • The oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania
  • The coal industry in Pennsylvania
  • The myth of the perfect climate

 You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Refuting the “existential threat” claim

This week Joe Biden made headlines by stating, on a popular podcast “Climate change is the existential threat to humanity. Unchecked, it is going to actually bake this planet. This is not hyperbole. It’s real. And we have a moral obligation.”

Fortunately, has everything you need to answer this.

Here’s the response I put together on Twitter:


Fact-Checking LinkedIn’s “Fact-Checkers”

After sharing my Twitter refutation of Biden’s climate claims on LinkedIn, I was notified that my post was removed because their “fact-checkers” classified it as misinformation.

Here was my response:


Happily, the response got way more attention than the original post. See it here to react or comment.

New interviews

  • The SitRoom: The podcast for members of Teneo, an influential right-of-center network of people under 40. I discussed the energy policy issues at stake this election and shared what approach I would take if I were debating Joe Biden.
  • Success Made to Last: A wide ranging discussion of how I came to The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels.
  • The Prof and the Artist: This is the most wide-ranging interview I’d done in years, covering a lot of nuances of pro-human vs. anti-human environmental philosophy as well as Ayn Rand. Warning: I probably say even more controversial things than usual.

Lots of upcoming virtual events

I’ve been doing more and more virtual events lately, and have several more scheduled through the rest of the year. Here’s the ad for one of them, an event with the impressive Energy Strong group in Colorado.


And here’s one of the comments from LinkedIn:

“He is a great leader on this matter. Glad y’all are able to bring him to speak/present. 

Our future depends not on just insiders supporting each other but helping challenge, debate, and persuade the public away from the false narrative being told.”

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter.

By the time next week’s newsletter comes out we may know who the next President is, and the composition of the next Congress. Whatever happens, a lot more energy education and freedom-fighting will be needed.

I’m planning to continue developing for the many energy battles of 2021.

I continue to get positive feedback from thought leaders. On my appearance on his show last week Teneo CEO Evan Baehr described as:

A fabulous new website around energy talking points which helps I’ve read it multiple times helps me really think and understand when people ask things like ‘do you believe in climate change’. It is winsome phrases backed with science….If we got more people on the freedom-loving side to understand these talking points and the data I think our side would be more effective…would be winning elections and passing good policy.

Thanks for all the Accelerators who support this and other efforts.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,