Helping good regulators communicate more effectively

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  • Helping good regulators communicate more effectively
  • New “bite-sized” video clips
  • The Human Flourishing Project: Relaxed productivity (part 2)

Helping good regulators communicate more effectively

On Monday I spoke to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC) on the topic of “How to Win Hearts and Minds.” The IOGCC represents the governors of 31 member states.

In my analysis much of the work IOGCC members do is valuable, enforcing laws against pollution and endangerment while cautioning against “keep it in the ground” policies.

The attendees, which included many state regulators, were interested in how to be more effective communicators on oil and gas issues.

I shared what I think are three of the biggest challenges in communicating about oil and gas and my basic strategy for overcoming them:

Challenge 1: Citizens have been taught that oil and gas are inherently immoral

  • Strategy: Reframe communication around a different definition of moral

Challenge 2: Citizens have been taught that it’s okay to be biased against oil and gas

  • Strategy: Reframe communication around evenhanded evaluation

Challenge 3: Citizens have been taught to be suspicious of anyone’s motives who supports oil and gas development

  • Strategy: Communicate using “opinion stories”

New “bite-sized” video clips

One of the easiest and most effective way you can increase your energy influence is by sharing persuasive resources. That’s why I’ve started releasing “bite-sized” clips featuring a few minutes of the best portions of my speeches and interviews.

Here are the first two:

Be sure to share these videos with anyone you think would be interested. And if you do share them, let me know how it goes.

We’ll be releasing new videos every week, which you can find on my Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.


The Human Flourishing Project: Relaxed productivity (part 2)

On the latest episode of The Human Flourishing Project I discuss two contributors to relaxed productivity, “cash confidence” and “collaborator confidence.” I also discuss the importance of “thinking through implications” in utilizing these ideas (and any ideas).

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