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Alex Epstein, Founder and DirectorRole: Alex founded the Center for Industrial Progress in 2011. He is the Center’s primary writer, speaker, and spokesman, as well as its chief strategist.Bio:Alex Epstein, a long-time commentator on business and capitalism, has emerged as a thought-leader in energy and industrial policy. His writings on energy and energy policy have been published in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, and dozens of other prominent publications. He is a Principal blogger for MasterResource, the leading free-market energy blog. Mr. Epstein’s monthly podcast, “Power Hour,” features discussions with leading energy thinkers including author Robert Bryce (“Power Hungry”), climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen (MIT), and energy economist Michael Lynch (EnergySEER, New York Times). Mr. Epstein’s writings on philosophy, business, and energy have been featured in 10 books, including, most recently, Why Businessmen Need Philosophy.Mr. Epstein’s extensive media experience includes hundreds of radio and TV appearances. A popular speaker on college campuses, Mr. Epstein has spoken about energy issues at dozens of universities, including Duke, Berkeley, UCLA, and Northwestern, as well as a diverse range of organizations, from The Federalist Society to the NAACP. A popular speaker, Mr. Epstein receives rave reviews for his depth of knowledge, his ability to break down even the most complex issues, and his infectious passion for the power of energy to improve human life.Mr. Epstein is an alumnus of Duke University, where he studied philosophy and computer science. Prior to founding the Center for Industrial Progress, he was a Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute specializing in energy issues. His unique background in practical philosophy, combined with his years of energy research, enables him to provide a rare source of big-picture insight and clarity in today’s energy debate.Eric Dennis, PhD, Senior FellowRole: Eric is CIP’s resident expert in science and economics. He is a contributor to the Center’s blog and to Power Hour, focusing on the scientific and economic foundations of industrial progress.Eric Dennis, Ph.D., Physics, studied at Caltech, Princeton, and UCSB. His graduate work involved the first quantitative estimates of information storage fidelity on a topological quantum computer, a scheme for running computations on such a hypothetical machine, and a novel algorithm for simulating complicated quantum systems.Transitioning to quantitative finance, he has worked on the foreign exchange options trading desk at Goldman Sachs, building models for the valuation of exotic currency derivatives, and on the structured credit trading desk at Swiss Reinsurance, where he pioneered a unified, state-of-the-art modeling framework for portfolio creditderivatives. He currently works on the structured credit desk of another major financial institution.While working in finance he has made a systematic study of economic theory, giving him a unique combination of practical, in-the-trenches experience and high-level theoretical insight. His interests include questions of central planning, free banking, the use and abuse of mathematical models, and the scientific fundamentals of energy.Daniel Rathbone, Software DeveloperDaniel Rathbone is a professional software developer and proud supporter of free energy markets.  He has worked as an engineer for premier software companies such as Microsoft and Google, and is currently engaged in freelance work and proprietary projects.  Daniel lives in Seattle, WA.  You may contact him through his personal website http://danrathbone.com.

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