Fracking Awareness Week: July 8-14

A project of the Center for Industrial Progress and I Love Fossil Fuels

Shale energy technology–aka “fracking”–might be the greatest technology since the Internet. Unfortunately, like many new technologies throughout history, it is the victim of attacks, lies, and misrepresentations by technophobes. Today, the leading anti-fracking technophobe is Josh Fox, director of Gasland and the new Gasland 2, premiering July 8 on HBO.

At the Center for Industrial Progress, we believe that while it is important to expose the falsehood of Gasland (done here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here) it is even more important to get excited about the amazing potential that fracking technology offers us. That’s why we’re taking the unfortunate occasion of Gasland 2 as an opportunity to generate awareness and excitement about the next energy revolution.

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