The money on which industrial civilization was built. The ultimate combination of industry and luxury. It may well be the future of energy–if we allow it to be. The highest energy material the world has ever known. The ultimate symbol of industrial progress.
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“I Accelerate CIP because…”

AnonymousNew York, NY

CIP is the only organization that’s capable not merely of attacking the root errors and evils of the modern anti-industrial movement but also of presenting a positive vision to replace that movement. By its dogged focus on the pervasive but unseen benefits of the real energy sources powering modern industry, CIP opens eyes to the enormous wealth that is being taken for granted now and to the even greater potential for wealth creation and human happiness in the future.

Platinum Dr. Gary Hull Durham, NC

I believe that it is important for college students to hear the scientific, moral, and political arguments for industrial progress – and for the fossil fuel power and nuclear power that fuel such progress. CIP is by far the best organization in the world at teaching those lessons.

Platinum Chad Morris Aliso Viejo, CA

The progressive improvement of our technology, our lives, and our environment should be revered ideals. But they first need to be accurately understood. CIP is advancing clear understanding of and reverence for these ideals like no one else. Widespread misinformation and sloppy thinking have lead increasing numbers of people to unknowingly welcome and advocate acts of destruction–and to do so in the name of improving our planet. CIP is a beacon of truth and excitement that needs to shine ever brighter.

Platinum Nick Rose Madison, WI

I want CIP’s message of freedom, self-esteem, and happiness to reach the largest possible audience. What could be a better investment?

Platinum Evan Picoult  

Gold Chris DeeryWollongong, Australia

Gold Lee Behel Saratoga, CA

My long time involvement in aviation makes me acutely aware of the slow strangulation that is occurring within the energy field by power-mongering environmental groups. Along with this awareness has come a kind of sinking despair that the energy industry hasn’t been standing up for its (and my own) interests. I also support CIP for a personal reason. I admire Alex’s competence and courage confronting the evil forces of environmentalism, and I glean personal inspiration from the example he sets. He fights for me and for what I hold dear.

Gold Jeremy Brunson Columbus, OH

CIP’s aspirational moral message projects the society I desire to live in–one that celebrates the individuals who engage their minds and talents and leaves them free to produce goods and services for trade; extols wealth creation and profit; reveres the innovations and technologies that increase efficiency and enjoyment; and champions the best, most affordable sources of energy to power it all.

Gold Christopher Bush New York, NY

I chose to support CIP because they have helped to broaden my own understanding of and appreciation for the wondrous value of our modern fossil fuel-based industrial civilization, and in so doing they helped to clarify my awareness of the stakes involved in the current culture wars being waged against developed society by the proponents of the regressive, anti-industrial ‘green/environmental’ movement. Further, CIP’s unique methods of cogently and coherently employing facts, logic, and the long-range perspective and insights of mankind’s historical energy-based industrial improvement illuminated a new path for the producers of fossil fuel energy (and all who support their creative work) to seize the moral high ground in the efforts to preserve and enhance our modern way of life by highlighting the innumerable life-serving and life-enhancing values provided by abundant, affordable and reliable energy.

Gold John Cerasuolo  

CIP is unapologetic about defending the rational use of energy to promote our lives. Investing in CIP is a downpayment on a better future for me and my family.

Gold Jonathan Conway Sydney, Australia

Alex and his crew have convinced me that a free market in energy is not only moral and workable, but also possible, if we change enough minds. CIP is doing a better job than anyone else I’ve seen in educating and motivating students, intellectuals and business-people to think critically about energy and advocate an ethical energy policy

Gold Jason Crawford San Francisco, CA

Alex Epstein has transformed the crusade against environmentalism into a positive campaign for industrialization. I want to see a world that reveres and celebrates industrial progress.

Gold Terry Cunningham  

The reason I decided to contribute to CIP, above all of the other possible organizations that are pro energy, is because CIP, has developed the best argument for fossil fuels. They have taken the moral high ground, through the use of facts, and the refusal of letting only the environmentalist to set the boundaries of the debate.

Gold Erik Driessens Venlo, The Netherlands

Cheap and abundant energy not only made our lives awesome by providing us with modern comforts and lots of leisure time, it’s also a great emancipator for handicapped people like me. The industrial society provided me with means of transportation like cars and mobility scooters, giving me the same mobility as other people. Modern transportation allows all of us to trade worldwide and thus to maximize the division of labor, providing us with an unprecedented standard of living and countless career options to choose from. Earning a living no longer requires doing hard labor, which would have been impossible to me, but ‘only’ a computer, an internet connection and a desk. Modern health care and pharmaceuticals have given me a normal life expectancy, allowing me to aspire to an even better future. Speaking of which, when it comes to energy, more is better. That’s why I decided to support CIP.

Gold Thomas Eiden Madison, WI

CIP’s unique arguments for freedom in energy re-frames the debate and gets results. As a nuclear engineer, I have seen firsthand the consequences of the destructive policies that governmental controls and environmentalist interference has caused. CIP has taught me how to properly think about energy, how to properly defend my industry, and promote freedom from within it.

Gold Anonymous Portland, OR

I chose to donate by check (which should be backed by gold) based on the fact that CIP is contributing an immense amount of value to my survival as a civilized man. My life would not be worth living, knowing of the comforts of today, if I had to dig roots with a stick, drink contaminated water, foul my environment with excrement and the remains of a kill or huddle around a smoky, choking fire. That is, if I could create or maintain the fire while shivering in the damp cold in stinking wet animal skins or rough woven cedar bark. This while unable to warm my body -the natural condition of primitive men living at higher latitudes
What you are accomplishing is the “pyramid of ability” in the market place of ideas (from The Ayn Rand Lexicon 1986 pg. 399). I observe that your method utilizes contrasting observations and modern Western living, while coupling same with recorded historical living conditions of past and present primitive cultures.
I chose to donate because of the fact that CIP is contributing an immense amount of value to my survival as a civilized man. I thank Alex Epstein and the men and women of CIP for their continued efforts. Thank you: you are my heroes.

Gold David Hall  

Gold Beth Haynes & Jon Cassel Half Moon Bay, CA

CIP offers so much more value than just its (very important) defense of fossil fuels. With energy as a template, Alex Epstein is constructing a superior way of addressing every crucial political and economic issue. By supporting CIP, we benefit from the knowledge, skill and experience of the whole CIP team, and then apply it to the realm of medicine. Aspirational advocacy. Reforming the moral narrative. Lessons on productivity. These are invaluable concepts which dramatically increase our effectiveness in affecting change toward greater health care freedom. It’s not just a donation. It’s an investment.

Gold John Hoffman Location

CIP is an investment in my future, and my children’s future.  Alex is getting tremendous results, and changing the dialogue on energy for the better.

Gold Alex Hrin Laguna Hills, CA

I chose to accelerate CIP’s efforts because I want to see industrial civilization praised and defended as it deserves. For many years I had despaired due to the cultural trends damning energy, technology and industry, but seeing Alex have the impact that he’s had in such a short period of time made it clear that there is hope of defending the industrial world. I want to do what I can to make CIP’s impact as large as possible, as soon as possible.

Gold Stephen Lamb Walpole, MA

Everything is related to energy. I recognize this and realize how crucial a component energy is to my life, and also that some people would try to deprive me of it. This would almost be the equivalent of depriving me of oxygen. You and your work gives me a moral and rational defense against this assault. It is a truly noble battle and that is why I look forward to donating my money every year to CIP.

Gold Joe Meuth Houston, TX

Industry badly needs a principled, uncompromising defense of its rights. CIP is spreading this vital defense and thus it is worthy of my support.

Gold Leonard Mignery & Lori Hopkins Richmond, VA

I’m associated with energy in my work. CIP hasn’t changed so much of how I think about energy (already aligned with its POV) as it has provided a foundation for supporting the positive view of energy. Taking the moral high ground on energy has provided an extremely empowering and enabling conceptual framework for me.

Gold David Okner Arlington, VA

Human life thrives with an abundance of energy and withers without the freedom to choose the best energy there is. I supported the founding of CIP because there is a surprisingly large movement to attack energy in and of itself using the facade of a moral high ground. CIP is the only voice that takes the diametric opposite position to that movement. This is the only organization that takes the moral high ground and understands the principled positive arguments that can counter the anti-energy movement. CIP promotes the absolute moral and positive role that cheap and abundant energy has for our lives and above all the necessisity of the freedom to choose those energy sources as individuals so desire.

Gold Maryallene & Don Otis Lynnwood, WA

Abundant, affordable energy makes life awesome, and few people seem to understand that. We support CIP, because Alex is getting the truth about energy, and especially about fossil fuels, to a wide audience. For us, we have learned to talk about “our environment,” not “the environment.” Our whole approach to discussing energy issues is more informed and benevolent.

Gold Dan Rathbone Seattle, WA

Free energy markets are crucial to my (and everyone else’s) quality of life.

Gold Donovan Schafer Berkeley, CA

It’s worth every penny. I get new insights from every podcast and they help give me the moral strength to speak out about energy issues in the face of the popular opposition. As a first-year student at Berkeley Law School, this is an invaluable resource. I find that Alex’s approaches to thinking and speaking about energy issues are effective. People listen when you can explain the issues clearly and put them in the proper context. Alex is the master when it comes to doing this on energy issues.

Gold Blake Scholl  

Alex and CIP have the energy of entrepreneurs—no pun intended—as well as the mindset.  Their fundamental message is true, and their iterative approach to communication through experimentation is spot-on. If you care about the future of energy—or about having energy in the future—CIP is critical to support.

Gold Garret Seinen Port Alberni, BC

Knowing what is the problem and doing something constructive to resolve it are two different things. That is why I support Alex Epstein and his organization, Center for Industrial Progress. His energy and dedication are a critical force in the fight for our well-being. The decay of our society can only be reversed by a return to reason, something that CIP delivers.

Gold Paul Lemke  

Gold Heath Lovell  

Gold Brad Malestein  

Gold Nicole St. Pierre  

Ideas shape our energy-fueled world and CIP puts the right ideas into action. Alex is fighting for more than just free energy markets; he’s a thought-leader, fighting for our highest standard of value — life. His positive, straight forward, no apology needed approach to championing the relationship between affordable, reliable energy and a happy, prosperous life provides people and businesses with the moral ammunition needed to challenge the dangerous environmentalist notion that industrialization is destructive. I accelerate CIP because it’s an investment in the ideas that create the best possible world for me to live in.

Gold Jason Stevens  

Gold Dick Storm Albemerle, NC

CIP supports the fundamentals of the foundation of our advanced society which has provided for the building of the greatest Nation in the history of the world. I am nearly 70 years old and a strong America has made my life a good one. I believe that CIP’s efforts to educate the public is in the best interests of our Nation for the benefit of my Grandchildren, so that they too may enjoy the benefits of being proud Americans.

Gold Lisa VanDamme Aliso Viejo, CA

CIP is effecting a moral gestalt shift in the energy industry, showing them how to justly proclaim their value rather than try to sheepishly defend themselves on their critics’ terms.
CIP’s efforts will set a precedent for other industries vilified as wicked and blood-sucking and in reality heroic and life-giving. Wall Street. The pharmaceutical industry. Agriculture biotechnology. And more.
Helping The Center for Industrial Progress will help achieve a moral revolution in all of these vital industries – an immeasurably important ambition.

Gold Don Watkins Irvine, CA

It gets results.

Gold David & Mary Anne Weninger Minneapolis, MN

We support Alex’s unique approach of presenting the positive side of energy and his enthusiasm for energy issues. We continue to support CIP because of the results they produce. We have received a great return on our investment and look forward to watching what happens as CIP continues to grow.

Gold Mark Wickens

For information on how to become a CIP Founder, email us at