Fossil Fuels: Arguing to 0 vs. Arguing to 100

I believe supporting fossil fuels can be a winning election issue in 2016, if those of us making the case for them take the right steps to reframe the energy debate.

I spoke last month at the Leadership Program of the Rockies Annual Retreat to explain how we can do just that, and the talk is now available to watch on our YouTube page.

One mistake supporters often make is attacking the case against fossil fuels instead of making the case for. They talk about the hypocrisy of environmentalists and the failures of “green energy”, but rarely-to-never about the incredibly positive moral value of fossil fuels, and the dramatic improvements to human well-being the industry enables.

All that kind of argument can do is move a person’s assessment of fossil fuels from negative to neutral, or 0, and the side arguing for a neutral will never be more convincing than one making a positive case. If we want to successfully reframe the debate to our advantage, we have to argue people to 100.

Check out the video, and tell me what you think.

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