Forbes: What George Clooney Can Teach Us About Climate Change

From Alex Epstein’s latest piece in Forbes:

Since I’m going to devote a column to a quote by George Clooney, who, to put it mildly is not an expert on energy or environmental issues, let me start by answering the obvious question: “Why?” Isn’t the logical content of an article “What George Clooney Can Teach Us About Climate Change” an empty browser window? Not exactly. Celebrity political utterances can be very educational—not about the subject matter, but about popular opinion. Since most celebrities desperately need to remain popular, and have a phalanx of press agents to advise them on what positions to take, what they say is a good indication of what is considered politically correct. And what is considered politically correct is politically possible. Thus, I am something close to terrified about Clooney’s comment . . .