Fight the “Clean Electricity Payment Program”

In this issue:

  • Fight the “Clean Electricity Payment Program”
  • Media this week
  • Steve Koonin returning to Power Hour
  • Quick updates

Fight the “Clean Electricity Payment Program”

In one of the most dangerous and most Unconstitutional acts in US history, Congress and the President are abusing the budget reconciliation process to dictate, via a “Clean Electricity Payment Program,” that Americans use >50% unreliable solar+wind electricity by 2030.

Read more here. Please reach out to your representatives and tell them to oppose this horrific policy.

(Note: “Clean Electricity Payment Program” is the new name for the “Clean Energy Standard” I wrote about several issues ago.)

Media this week

I’ve had some prominent and fun media appearances this week.

I did a 15-minute segment on GB News, a very popular new channel in Great Britain. The host was Dan Wootton and it was part of their “Uncancelled” series.

The most popular part of the interview was when one of the panelists challenged me with the claims that a) fossil fuels are hurting the poor with climate change and b) continuing fossil fuel use will rapidly end the “shelf life” of Earth.

Watch my answers and make sure to look at the comments (here and here) about the video.

My favorite comment was this:

I also did an extended interview on Sky News Australia with Rita Panahi. We covered a lot, including: doctors against fossil fuels, the UN climate report, and bringing people out of poverty.

Watch it here.

Steve Koonin returning to Power Hour

Two weeks from now I’ll be interviewing physicist Steve Koonin about the aftermath of his blockbuster book “Unsettled.”

I interviewed Steve several months ago on Power Hour, and we both enjoyed it a lot. This week I’m re-releasing that episode with some new additional commentary.

You can watch on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

Quick Updates

  • My comments on the recent anti-fossil fuel statement published by 220+ medical journals has been getting a lot of attention. Please share it if you haven’t already.
  • This excellent thread by Bjorn Lomborg identifies multiple crude errors made by the 220+ medical journals who just called for the rapid elimination of fossil fuels.
  • Reminder: If you are pro-energy, pro-freedom, and spend at least 5 hours a week communicating on energy issues, you are eligible to join my free Energy Champions group and get exclusive messaging and strategies as well as attend biweekly Q&A calls. Spread the word!
  • I really enjoyed this comment by my head researcher, Steffen Henne, on the “unbelievable lies” about wind energy from the website.
  • The most shameless example I’ve seen so far of “Climate change ate my homework.”

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter.

I continue to work on final edits for Fossil Future, with the next version due September 17th—and then it goes to layout!

Thanks to Steffen Henne for working with me to get all the data perfect, and thanks to the Accelerators who support this and other projects.

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