Exposing climate distortion

In this issue:

  • Exposing media climate distortion
  • Accelerator Call
  • Energy Champions
  • Quick updates

Exposing media climate distortion

Last week I reported that my exposé of Twitter’s false reporting on the UN climate report led to Twitter publicly correcting their story.

I’ve been exposing a lot of climate distortion lately (here’s another example). And I’ll be exposing a lot more climate distortion going forward.

I’m also holding a Twitter contest with regard to a crazy climate distortion that Bernie Sanders recently engaged in. (Here’s a story, featuring me, about the distortion.)

You can check out the contest and learn the backstory here. I’ll be giving 5 signed books to the winners.

Accelerator Call

This past Sunday I held my latest Accelerator Call with dozens of Accelerators. On the call I went over the full outline of Fossil Future (4 parts, 12 chapters, 6-10 sections per chapter) and explained how it is designed to step-by-step take someone who strongly expects to disagree with me and persuade them to become a champion of fossil fuels. Of course this will often not work, but I am confident it will work sometimes—and that it will often work to move people somewhat, if not fully, in the right direction.

If you want to see a replay of the call (it’ll be up for the next 14 days), become an Accelerator.

Energy Champions

I want to extend an invitation again to my new Energy Champions group. This group is for anyone who spends 5 or more hours a week championing energy, including: elected officials from anywhere, think tank members, trade group members, lobbyists, corporate communications professionals, activists, etc.

Benefits of being in Energy Champions include:
1. Biweekly briefings with extensive Q&A.
2. Access to exclusive messaging and strategies.
3. (Coming soon) A dedicated Energy Champions Slack channel

Joining the group is free. You can apply to me directly via email with the subject Energy Champions, and a few sentences on what you do and why you’d like to be a part of this group.

Quick updates

  • Job opportunity: The Kentucky Coal Association, a group I have worked with regularly over the years, is looking for a new President. From KCA: “From now until August 31, 2021, those who wish to be considered for the position should provide their resume, letter of interest, and references to Aaron Bond, KCA’s Interim President at abond@kentuckycoal.com. Compensation and benefits will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.”
  • I’ll be speaking later this month at the Ayn Rand Institute’s annual conference, delivering a speech called “Energy and Philosophy” on September 1 and leading a panel on “Creating the Next Generation of Energy Champions” at their fundraising gala on August 29. Details here.
  • Obviously the terrible developments in Afghanistan are top of mind for many of us. I don’t have anything deeply informed to say about the issue, but I do highly recommend this video by my former colleagues at the Ayn Rand Institute, Onkar Ghate and Elan Journo, for a serious, insightful, and non-partisan analysis.
  • As “reconciliation” is pursued in Congress, I want to bring your attention to my explanation of why the “Clean Energy Standard,” planned as part of the reconciliation process, is incredibly dangerous.

To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Energy,