Energy Ambassadorship

Most workers are extremely concerned with the moral meaning of their work. Unfortunately for the fossil fuel industry, these workers have been exposed to hundreds of hours of claims that their work is immoral because it is destroying the planet.

The key to overcoming the “moral case against fossil fuels” and turning non-supporters into supporters is to reframe moral conversations about the industry in pro-human, whole-picture terms.

Companies that give employees a thorough pro-human, whole-picture education about their impact on human flourishing will see tremendous increases in motivation and desire to become “ambassadors” who champion the industry and its freedom. Companies that also give employees an education in reframing energy conversations will see a tremendous increase in the effectiveness of their ambassadors.

We have developed a universal and comprehensive employee training program for employees—an “Ambassador in a Box” program, which includes a free version, a premium version, and a customized version.

Free Online

Below you’ll find free resources that will help you learn more about our approach and which you can use to empower your employees:

Premium Online

In our online training program, “How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy,” your employees will get access to hours of video and a year-long email series that covers:

  1. The Unique Benefits of Fossil Fuels
    • Energy as a life-and-death need
    • Energy as only valuable to the extent that it is cheap, plentiful, and reliable
    • The fossil fuel industry as the only industry that can produce cheap, plentiful, reliable energy on a scale of billions
    • Oil as the best source of portable power
    • How the fossil fuel industry produces a caliber of synthetic materials that cannot be matched by any industry
  2. Concerns About the Fossil Fuel Industry
    • The catastrophic climate change concern
    • The catastrophic pollution concern
    • The catastrophic depletion concern
  3. Energy Policy
    • Freedom from endangerment
    • Freedom to develop
    • Freedom to compete
  4. The Constructive Conversation Formula
    • Express eagerness
    • Focus on the decision question
    • Agree on the goal
    • Agree on the process
    • Summarize your evaluation
    • Explain the opposition
    • Reinforce using responses
    • Recommend a great resource

Each lesson contains exercises with employees receiving individualized feedback from CIP.

Cost: $100 per employee

Premium Live

This program includes the premium version of our online “How to Have Constructive Conversations About Energy” course, as well as a one-day live training program, developed in consultation with training specialists and focus-group tested to ensure that companies get the best possible results.

This program features some of the best material we’ve ever created:

  • High quality videos
  • In-depth facilitator guides
  • Handbooks, handouts, and other material to maximize employee retention

Cost:  $200 per employee + facilitator certification or CIP-certified instructor fee


You can also customize our Premium Online or Premium Live courses to include:

  • Company-specific material
  • Your top policy issues
  • Regular content updates to reinforce the training
  • Follow-up live presentations or Q&As by Alex Epstein
  • Anything else that will make our material more valuable to your employees

To learn which version of the “Ambassador in a Box” program is right for you, email us at with the subject line “ambassadorship” to set up a phone call.