Championing Energy in the 2016 Elections

Championing Energy in the 2016 elections — a guide for the fossil fuel industry (and the rest of us)

2016 is the most significant energy election this century. A President Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would almost certainly commit our country to dismantling the  fossil fuel industry. The Republican candidates have barely talked about energy at all, but they are at least open to not only preserving but even liberating fossil  fuel, nuclear, and hydroelectric energy.

It is morally irresponsible and practically devastating for the fossil fuel industry to legitimize and compromise with the moral movement against its existence. It should instead make the moral, humanitarian case for fossil fuels–to the public, to its employees, and to politicians.

How to do so?

There are 3 basic steps you can take to move the needle.

Speak up. Tell the media and the world: “What our industry does is not a necessary evil. It is a life-enhancing good, and we should be free to do more of it not forced to do  less of it.”

Educate your employees. At a time when the existence of your industry is at stake, your employees need to know why what they’re doing is so important–and explain it to  others. Give them the time, resources, and training to become champions of fossil fuels.

Demand energy freedom from politicians. For all the industry’s supposed political influence, the topic of energy freedom has barely come up in the Republican debates or rhetoric. This is the most important energy election this century. Energy freedom needs to be an issue and you have every right to demand that it be an issue for politicians you support.


I have created a number of resources (mostly free, a few low-cost) to make this easy.

Free Resources:

Low-Cost Resources:

  • The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, the full book. The most comprehensive and persuasive collections of arguments for the morality of fossil fuels. A mind-changer that will help you, empower employees, and even impact politicians.
  • How to Talk to Anyone About Energy e-course. This will help you reframe discussions and gives you dozens of proven talking points on the issues you are most likely to encounter. The combination of these two resources can make anyone an effective energy champion.

No matter what:

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